Lubomir Mitzev

Lubomir Mitzev

21.ХІІ.1948 - 28.V.2005

Sofia - Bulgaria

composer, singer

Lubomir Mitzev graduated from the State Academy of Music majoring in Viola. He attended courses in Composition and Conducting. From 1979 and 1985 he was member of the Chamber Orchestra in Dobrich and the Sofia Opera Orchestra. In 1985 he joined the Sofia Soloists Chamber Ensemble. He composed in a variety of genres. In 1980 his Concerto for violoncello and symphony orchestra won the Young Composer Prize awarded by the Union of Bulgarian Composers. Since 1993 he has focused on electronic and computer music. He participates in the Computer Space Forum held yearly in Sofia. In 2001 his Kaleidoscope for viola and computer was selected and performed during the contemporary music days in Yokohama, Japan. His music was released on CD.


Stage music:


The Birthday of the Infanta for electronic instruments (also in versions for symphony orchestra and for strings and percussion), to his libretto on the tale by Oscar Wilde (1994).

For symphony orchestra:

Violoncello Concerto (1979).

Chamber music:

Two Impressions for mezzo-soprano, strings and vibraphone (1981); Sonata for viola and piano (1982); Sonata for piano (1983).

Vocal music:

Bulgarian Woman, two songs for mezzo-soprano and viola, lyrics by N. Pavlova (1985), Earth-bound Life, poem for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, piano and percussion, lyrics by Dora Gabe (1989).

Choral music:

Meditations for female voices choir, strings and percussion (1998).

Song cycles for children’s choir:

Happy Childhood (1979-1984); The Seasons (1979-1984).

Electronic and electroacoustic music:

Children’s chamber opera:

An Apple House for children’s voices and electronic instruments (1995). Black & White Photos, five pieces for a computer (1995). Syntyphony, computer music (1996). The Road in the Afternoon (in memory of Ivan Spasov) for computer (1997). Kaleidoscope, music for viola and computer (1999).