Michail Loukanov

Michail Loukanov

23.11.1967 г.

Pleven - Bulgaria

Mihail Lukanov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1995 majoring in Composition under Professor Parashkev Hadjiev and Professor Alexander Tanev. He works as a teacher of English.

He is interested in harmony, traditional music and electronic music. His compositions and arrangements on liturgical texts were performed by the male voices chamber choir Paroria and by the mixed choir St. Trinity. In 1997 the choir of Clair College (Cambridge) performed in Bulgaria Chamber Hall his song To Lady Strangford. His vocalise for female voices choir Exprompt was awarded at the Female and Girls’ Voices Choirs Festival in Targovishte; Vethii Denmi was prize-winning at the fourth edition of the Let’s Be Better Bulgarian Liturgical Chants Competition in Sofia (1997). He was awarded the Golden Emblem of the Mati Bulgaria National Movement for To Lady Strangford.


For Symphony orchestra:

Concerto for double bass and orchestra (1995).

For string orchestra:

“Rhodopes Song (1987); Memory (1994, 1997).

Chamber music:

Popcorn Rondo for vibraphone and marimba (1966); Old Bulgarian Tune for marimba (1996).

For piano:

Sonata; Sonatina; Variations; Rondo; Two Pieces; Prelude and Fugue (1993-94).

Vocal music:

For soprano and piano:

The Sea; Decorated with Flowers (1993-94).

For mezzo-soprano and piano:

On Moonlight; Two Beautiful Eyes for mezzo-soprano (baritone) and piano (1993-94); Dale Yaman (2002).

Choral music:

For mixed choir:

Morning; Spring; On Sunset; Autumn (1994); Sviatiy Bozhe (Holy God); Iz glubini vozvah k Tebe, Gospodi (De Profundis) (1997); Christmas Carol (2001).

For female voices choir:

The Sea (1997); Exprompt – vocalise (1998).

For male voices choir:

Vethii Denmi (1997).