Stefan Dimitrov

Stefan Dimitrov


Sofia - Bulgaria

Stefan Dimitrov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1977. During the 1990s he held important managerial posts. In 1992 he was appointed Director of the Channel I of the Bulgarian National Television, in 1997 he became General Director of the Television. From 1996 to 1997 and since 1998 he has been General Director of the private television network Nova Televisia.

He is one of the leading figures of his generation in the field of Bulgarian pop song. He composed his first songs during the 1970s. He was music director of the 4×4 Theatre Troupe. In 1973 he joined the vocal group Studio V. He concurrently worked as arranger of the Bulgarian National Radio Big Band, composed orchestral pieces, music to TV shows (The Birthday of the Infanta); theatre and film music. During the 1890s he was involved with the bands Variant B and Domino. His duets with Bogdana Karadocheva (Hopeless Case; Afternoon Song, etc.) won him popularity. As for the lyrics to his songs, he collaborated with Mihail Belchev, Miriana Basheva and Margarita Petkova. He was many times awarded at The Golden Orpheus Festival. His song “Da bade den” (Let it Be Day), lyrics by M. Belchev, was performed by a mixed band at the founding of the Union of Bulgarian Pop Music Performers in 1985. He authored most of the songs of the popular actor’s trio NLO (UFO) since its founding. During the 1990s his songs “Molitva za Balgaria” (Prayer for Bulgaria) and “Dano, dano” (I Wish) became symbols of the political changes.


For orchestra:

Present for Orchestra.

Awarded songs at:

The Golden Orpheus Festival: Lado le, lyrics by Z. Petrov (first prize, 1976); Let It Be Summer, lyrics by M. Basheva (second prize, 1977) – both performed by the vocal band Tonika; The First Cock-Crow, lyrics by M. Belchev, performed by Vasil Naydenov (second prize, 1980); My Love, lyrics by M. Belchev, performed by Domino (first prize, 1985).

Spring Radio Competition: Spring Fatigue, lyrics by M. Basheva, performed by the Argirovi Brothers (first prize, 1984).

Other songs:

Everything’s Fine; The Good News; Saturday, Late Afternoon; Are We Awaiting a Wonder; Good Bye, My Love; Ivane, Ivane; Seven Times; Let It Be Day; Prayer for Bulgaria; I Wish.

Film music to:

The Road of the Sun, directed by Plamen Maslarov (1983); Green Fields (together with Alexander Brazitzov), directed by I. Kyulyumov (1984); The Opposite Side of the Sun, directed by V. Shiekova (1986); The Adventures of Spass and Nelly, directed by G. Stoev (1987); After the End of the World, directed by Iv. Nichev (1998).