Aloys Matzak

Aloys Matzak

14.ХІІ.1857 - 18.VІ.1921

Czech Republic

Alois Matsak (1857 – 1921) was born in the Czech Republic. He graduated theory of music from the Prague Conservatory and played in symphonic and theatre orchestras. The Bulgarian government invited him in Bulgaria in 1892. He worked as a bandmaster in Pleven (1892 -1904) and Sofia (1904 – 1914), conductor of the Army School orchestra (1914 – 1918). Matsak organized the first regular symphonic concerts in Sofia, conducted operas in the Bulgarian Opera Socity. He is author of symphonic works, choral and children’s songs and theatre music.


Symphony orchestra:


“Maiden’s Dance” and “Rachenitza”

“Odrin” – symphonic pictureh3(red-dot).


“Cantata For The King”

“Guard Of The Balkan”

Brass band:

Fantasia after works by Wagner

Fantasia after the song “Maiden With Golden Necklaces”


Eight collections of dances

Four Medleys