Angel Bukoreshliev

Angel Bukoreshliev

31.01.1870 г. - 03.01.1950 г.

s.Plevnia - Bulgaria

composer, conductor, pedagouge

Angel Boucorechliev belongs to the first generation of Bulgarian composers. He graduated from the organ school in Prague (1890) where he studied Organ and Harmony under Blazek, Polyphony under Knitel and Piano under Klicka. He organized the first music folklore research expeditions in Bulgaria. He was among the first copyists of Bulgarian traditional songs (more than 2,500 from the Rhodope region, Sredna Gora and South-Western Bulgaria). He was among the founding members of the opera section of the Sofia Company for Drama and Opera. He was the first Bulgarian pianist who gave concerts in the Military Club in Sofia (1890). He was teacher at the Pedagogical School in Kazanlak (1892-93). From 1894 to the end of his life he worked in Plovdiv. He founded and conducted the town’s Vocal Society, and was among the founding members of Plovdiv Music School. He substantially contributed to the studies of the Bulgarian traditional songs and music instruments.

He wrote 10 folksong choral medleys; choral songs; solo songs and songs with piano accompaniment. He also harmonised songs from the Bulgarian Renaissance period, etc. His choral medleys are considered among the most valuable works created in the second half of the 1890s and the first decade of the 20th century.


Choral music:

Choral medleys for male voices choir: 1 (1895); 2 (1896); 5 (1899); 6 (1900);?8 (1901); 9 and 10 (1902).

Choral medleysfor mixed choir: 3 (1897); 4 and 7 (1900).

Songs for male voices choir: Skasal si Chernio chehlite (Chernios Slippers) (1927); Shto mi e milo i drago (What I Like the Most) (1930); Liuliana (1942), etc.

Songs for female voices choir: Semeyni (Married people) (1945); Neda galabitza (Neda Beautiful Girl) (1946).

Songs for equal voices choir: Yabalchitza rod rodila (The Apple Tree Had Little Apples), Zaplakala e Stara Planina (The Balkan Mountain Cried), Zavalili du dva snega (Falling Snow), etc.

Selected books (published in Bulgarian):

Songs from the Middle Rhodopes (study-foreword and music examples of 461 traditional songs). Published in: Collection of Folklore Works. Vol. 39. Sofia, 1934.

Literature on him (in Bulgarian):

Kamburov, Ivan. Angel Boucorechliev (Plovdiv, 1946); Stoin, Elena. Angel Boucorechliev (Sofia, 1961)