Vassil Lolov

Vassil Lolov

18.V.1913 - 6.І.1992

Iambol - Bulgaria

composer, conductor, pedagogue, public figure

Vassil Lolov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1935 majoring in Violin under Professor Nikola Abadjiev. He specialised in Violin at the Berlin Conservatoire under K. Freund and in Composition under H. Bunsch (1939-40). In 1943 he founded the well-known Lolov Quartet and led it until 1948. He was appointed first violin of the Sofia National Opera Orchestra (1947-48), first violin and assistant conductor of the Plovdiv Symphony Orchestra (1948-49), chief conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra in Burgas (1949-55), chief conductor of the Opera in Plovdiv (1956-61). He served as editor-in-chief of the Music Programmes Section of Radio Sofia (1962-69); Director (1973), Deputy Director (1974) and Director (1974-77) of the Bulgarian Music Directorate. In 1968 he founded and led (until 1980) the outstanding Collegium for Chamber Music, with which he organised a lot of concerts and premiered a series of works by Bulgarian composers. In 1962 he joined the staff of the State Academy of Music as lecturer in Chamber Music; in 1969 he was promoted Associate Professor.

He composed a children’s operetta; symphony and chamber instrumental works; choral and children’s songs, orchestral suites of traditional songs; theatre music; he arranged folksongs. A number of works of his were melodically inspired from traditional music. His Concertino for violin and orchestra (1970), the Studies for violin and other chamber opuses have entered the permanent repertoire of several Bulgarian performers.


For symphony orchestra:

Symphony Poem (1948); Suite (1949); Concertino for violin and orchestra (1970).

For string orchestra:

Sketches (1959); Suite.

For chamber orchestra:

Suites: 1 Pirin (1963); 2 Thrace (1964); 3 (based on Bulgarian songs from Besarabia) (1965); 4 (based on three folksongs) (1966); 5 Debar (1968); 6 (1970); 7 (1970).

Four folksongs.

Chamber music:

String Quartet (1942); Trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon (1947).

For two violins:

Suite (1939); Little Suite (1944).

For violin and piano:

Concerto (1945); Song and Dance (1953).

For violin:

Studies (1943, 1957).

Selected literature on him (in Bulgarian):

Panayotova, Liliana. Vassil Lolov (Sofia, 1974); Veznev, Ivan. About Vassil Lolov (Sofia, 2002).