Georgi Baydanov

Georgi Baydanov

20.07.1853 г. - 30.11.1927 г.

Stara Zagora - Bulgaria

He was given a scholarship to study at the Seminary of Petropavlovsk (region of Veliko Tarnovo, 1877). After he graduated, he was active in fields, characteristic for the new Bulgarian music culture in the last decades of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century. He taught music and conducted civil and church choirs in Svishtov, Kazanlak, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora. In 1891 in Plovdiv he started publishing the first Bulgarian music magazine Gusla, but only one issue was published. He is author of music textbooks. He wrote 30 articles and other monographs dedicated to the Bulgarian traditional music and the problems of the music education, emphasizing the originality of the Bulgarian traditional song and the role of instructive material it may play in the educational process and church singing. The most important are: “Some Words About the Material and the Manner of Singing Teaching at Our Primary Schools” (1893); “Some Words on the Technical Structure and the Origin of the Bulgarian Church Tunes” (1899); the booklet “Bulgarian Traditional Songs. Thoughts, Facts and Wishes” (1901); “The Musical Education of our Children. A Public Lecture” (1904), etc.

He wrote church music, connected with his choral conducting practice.


Choral music:

For mixed choir: Three Ecclesiastical Concertos; Vasiliy Liturgy; Memorial Service; Litany.