Dovri Dobrev

Dovri Dobrev

1.VІ.1926 - 2.VІ.1998

s.Filevo - Bulgaria

composer, public figure

Dobri Dobrev graduated from the State Academy of Music. He studied Choral Conducting under Professor Georgi Dimitrov.

He was also a private student of composition of Professor Pancho Vladigerov. He worked as choral conductor. He was Director of the Bulgarian National Radio, the Centre of Non-Professional Art Activity, the Bulgarian Concert Directorate, etc. He composed three oratorios, four cantatas and three suites for choir, soloists and orchestra; concertos; over 500 choral songs; cantatas; chamber music, etc.



Oratorios for soloists, choir and orchestra:

Hailstorm after Peyo Yavorov (1979); If We Have Nothing to Give the World, text by Vladimir Bashev (1975); Bulgaria’s Heart, text by D. Metodiev (1985); The White Bird (1983).

For voice and symphony orchestra:

Symphonic Poem for tenor and orchestra; Three Ballades for voice and orchestra.

For symphony orchestra:


Piano Concerto (1982); Flute Concerto; Violin Concerto 1 (1981), 2 (1991). Concertino for violin and orchestra; Serenade for violin and orchestra (1993).

Chamber music:

Game for two clarinets, bassoon and piano (1976); Concertino for violin and piano (1976).

For piano: Songs from Thrace (1976).

Vocal music: Two Songs for voice and piano (1975).

Choral music:

For mixed choir:

Chorale, lyrics by Anastas Stoyanov (1993).

For female voices choir:

Madrigal (1991).

For children’s choir:

At School; A Chicken Has Fallen, lyrics by Anastas Stoyanov (1992).