Zdravko Manolov

Zdravko Manolov

5.VІІІ.1925 - 25.ІХ.1983

Plovdiv - Bulgaria

composer, pedagogue

Zdravko Manolov is son of Hristo Manolov and grandson of Emanuil Manolov. He graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1952 majoring in Composition under Professor Parashkev Hadjiev. He taught Polyphony. In 1952 he was appointed lecturer in Polyphony at the State Academy of Music and in 1971 became Full Professor. In 1972 he also joined the staff of the Academy for Music and Dance Art. His pedagogic practice won him recognition as one of the most strikingly original and versatile artists. Since 1968 he cooperated as a composer of the Sofia Male Voices Choir (conducted by Dimitar Ruskov).

Instrumental music predominates in his work, which is not very large. He wrote works for symphony and wind orchestra; suites for chamber orchestra; chamber and instrumental works; choral songs; he arranged folksongs, etc. He arranged his father’s ballet The Dragon and Yana (1958, Sofia Opera). His song “Tapan bie” (The Drum Is Being Beaten) is among the most performed and well-known Bulgarian works for male voices choir. He wrote textbooks and a study, Theory and Use of the Argumentation in Polyphony (1960).


For symphony orchestra:

Passacalia and Fugue (1954).

Concertos for:

piano (1953); violoncello; oboe.

For wind orchestra:

Concerto; Overture; Spring Suite (1975).

For chamber orchestra:

Five Riddles for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra.

Chamber music:

Pieces for string quartet; Sketches for four French horns.

Trio for wind instruments.

Sonatas for:

trumpet and piano (1952); violoncello and piano (1962).

Three pieces for violin and piano (1951); Scherzo for flute and piano (1953); Prelude and Fugue for double bass and piano (1954).

Ten Pieces for violin (1958); Fantasy for solo violoncello (1975); pieces for trombone, trumpet, French horn.

For piano:

Variations; Five Little Preludes (1950); Five Fugues.

Choral music:

For male voices choir:

Tapan bie (The Drum Is Being Beaten); Dilmano, Dilbero

For children’s choir: Fun Scale; What a Fun Party.

Selected books (published in Bulgarian):

Systematic Course in Two- and Three-Voiced Dictation Study (in co-authorship with Ivan Peev) (Sofia, 1972); Polyphony (in co-authorship with Dimiter Christoff) (Sofia, 1965); Polyphony. Textbook for Secondary Music Schools (Sofia, 1975).