Kamen Loukov

Kamen Loukov

27.ХІ.1877 - 7.VІІІ.1949

s.Kopilovtzi - Bulgaria

composer, bandmaster

As a student of music he studied flute, cornet and trombone. Later on he was sent to complete the two-year course of the Imperial Music School in Odessa. Upon return he served as a bandmaster in Lovech. In 1906 he took the post remained vacant after Panayot Pipkov had left office at the 34th Infantry Regiment in Troyan. After the regiment was disbanded at the end of the First World War, he moved to the 19th Infantry Battalion of Shumen (1922-24), then to Harmanli and to Lovech again. He had an intense concert practice; he conducted fashionable operettas, etc.

He composed a lot of marches; music pictures; operettas for children and adults; medleys for wind orchestra; mass songs, etc. His march Veseli v boya (Cheerful in the Battle) is still


Stage music:


For the Fatherland; Christmas Night.

For wind orchestra:


Dance of the Harvesters; Bouquet from the Deliorman Region; Rano e Radka ranila (Radka Went out Early in the Morning).