Mihayl Kochev

Mihayl Kochev

3.ІІІ.1878 - 29.І.1940

Chirpan - Bulgaria

  composer, pedagogue, conductor

Mihail Kochev completed his higher music and pedagogic education in Odessa (1905). He returned to Bulgaria and worked as a teacher in Asenovgrad, Chirpan and Stara Zagora (1906-29). Later on, he worked as a conductor and composed songs. He founded children’s ensembles, school and church choirs, a traditional music choir in Stara Zagora. He collected and arranged folksongs for the repertoire of these ensembles. Some were published by the Union of Traditional Music Choirs in Bulgaria.

He wrote four collections of school songs (1910, 1921, 1928, 1939); one operetta; choral songs, etc.


Children’s operetta:

Orphan (1923).

Children’s songs:

Posyala y baba leshta (Grandma Sow Lentils), Kat’ voynitzi na reditzi (Like Soldiers); Prela baba (Grandma Spun); Lud gidiya (Madcap), etc.