Nikola Kenov

Nikola Kenov

1.І.1902 - 6.VІ.1968

Karnobat - Bulgaria

composer, conductor, pedagogue

Nikola Kenov graduated from the State Academy of Music. He worked at the Plovdiv Male High School. He founded a symphony orchestra at the Plovdiv Vocal Society. Composers Dimitar Petkov and Zdravko Manolov, conductors K. Marev and A. Manolov, singer S. Karanlakov were among his students. In 1951 he was appointed at the Carnegie Pedagogic School. He founded and conducted the ensemble Rodopa Pee (The Rhodopes Sing) in Smolyan.

He arranged tens of folksongs. His approach to arrange and perform traditional music is considered to be daring professional experiment as witnessed by the search of certain stereo sound due to non-standard choir ranging. Part of his songs was published in three collections.



Ne hodi, momne le, za voda (Do Not Go, Young Maiden, To Bring Water); Brala moma ruje tzvete (Young Maiden Picked up Red Flowers); Glava li te boli, sine moy (Do You Have a Headache, My Boy), etc.

Song collections:

Folksongs for Traditional Music Choirs; Bulgarian Muslim Songs; Folksongs from Plovdiv (1955).