Petar Boyadjiev

Petar Boyadjiev

5.02.1883 г. - 21.05.1961 г.

Silistra - Bulgaria

composer, pedagogue

Petar Boyadjiev studied music at the Pedagogic School of Silistra under K. Mahan. He also studied at the Conservatories in Bucharest (1901) and Dresden (1905-07). He returned to Bulgaria and worked as a teacher of music and had an intense music and social activity in Silistra. He founded and managed the music society Working-Bee (1907) and organised a centre for children’s music, for which he composed the children’s operetta Snow-White. He organised the First Bulgarian Convention of Danube Choirs (1910). He worked as a teacher of music in Sofia (1927-37) and chief music inspector at the Ministry of Education (1937-40). He published Small Music Library including songs by Bulgarian and foreign authors (1931-48). He edited a number of song collections and wrote music textbooks.

He wrote over 100 choral and children’s songs; 2 children’s operettas, etc.


Stage music:

Children’s Operettas: Snow-White (1918); The Flowers’ Ball (1920).

Choral Songs:

Macedonian Shepherd; Katunari (Nomads); Gadulka Player; Mowers; Dve nevesti horo viyat (Two Brides Dancing).

Eight Collections of Songs from Dobroudja.

Collection of Bulgarian Traditional Christmas Carols.