Spas Sofialiev

Spas Sofialiev

12.ІІІ.1869 - 14.І.1933

Plovdiv - Bulgaria

composer, conductor, pedagouge, musical figure

Spas Sofialiev is one of the first Bulgarian professional musicians. At school he took part in the choir of Georgi Baydanov in Plovdiv. After his graduation he worked as a vocal teacher in Perushtitza. In 1890 he was appointed at the National Bank in Plovdiv. In 1896 he began studying Music under Jacques Delacreuse, Otto Barblan and E. Fuss at the Conservatoire of Geneva. He graduated in 1899 with honours. Upon his return, he was appointed bandmaster at the 4th Infantry Regiment in Plovdiv (1899) where he served till he retired in 1930. He was among the founding members of the Plovdiv Music Society and was founder and conductor of the Amateur Symphony Orchestra of Plovdiv, which had a regular concert activity and a rich repertoire.

He composed a number of works for wind orchestra, among them marches (Bulgarian Soldier; Bulair; The March of the Second Lieutenants of the Reserve, etc), waltzes, mazurkas, polkas, serenades, potpourri, etc, as well as pieces for piano. He arranged popular songs for wind orchestra. His works were performed in concert and on the Bulgarian National Radio; some of them were produced on LP.