Hristo Iliev

Hristo Iliev

1.І.1884 - 4.V.1965

Kazanlak - Bulgaria

composer, conductor

Yosko Yossifov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1934. He studied composition with Professor Dobri Hristov and Professor Pancho Vladigerov. He worked as teacher of music; conducted the choir Rodni Zvutzi in Sofia (1938-39). In 1939 he moved to work in Stara Zagora as head and music manager of Radio Stara Zagora (1939-1946), conductor of the city symphony orchestra and the male voices choir and conductor of the Popular Opera of Stara Zagora (1946-48). In 1948 he was appointed conductor of the Varna Symphony Orchestra and the Varna Opera and later became its director (1953-56). As a conductor, he gave over 1,300 performances. He re-orchestrated and recorded the opera Gergana by Maestro Georgi Atanasov (1968-69).

He composed two operas; nine symphonies; symphonic poems; cantatas and oratorios; 32 suites based on Bulgarian folksongs for voice and orchestra; four string quartets and other chamber opuses; over 20 choral and solo songs, etc.


Stage music:


Biliana (1942, Plovdiv); Tsar Samuil (1942).

Children’s operettas:

Snow-white and the Seven Dwarfs (1929); Snowdrop (1959).

For symphony orchestra:

Symphonies: 1-9 (1942-96).

Symphonic poems: I Am Sad (1949); September Men.

Jubilee Overture “The Ninth of September” (1959).

Symphonic dances: ?1-3 (1940); ?4-6 (1947).

Concertos for: violoncello (1950); bassoon (1959).

Bulgarian Overture for big symphony orchestra; Overture 1300 (1981).

Chamber music:

Wind Quintet.

String quartets: 1-4.

Sonata for violin and piano.