Lili Lesichkova

Lili Lesichkova

18.ІІІ.1928 - 12.ХІ.1980

Pleven - Bulgaria

composer, pedagogue

Lili Lessichkova graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1953 majoring in Piano under Professor Andrey Stoyanov and Composition under Professor Vesselin Stoyanov. Since 1951 she taught Piano at the State Choreographic School (the today’s national Theatre Art High School) and since 1965 at the State Academy of Music.

She composed a children’s ballet; instrumental pieces; choral and solo songs. As for pop music, she strove for a national style. Her dance Dobroudjana set a folk music wave in the genre.


For mixed choir and orchestra:

Small Cantata to the Heroes of 1878 (1978).

For symphony orchestra:

Concert Poem for piano and orchestra (1972).

Chamber music:

Children’s Carnival for instrumental sextet (also in a version for piano); Rondo for violoncello.

For piano:

Variations (1949); Joke and Toccata; Study and Nocturno.

Vocal music:

Confessions, lyrics by Ivan Genov; Maid’s Song.

Social songs:

To the Party; My Spring; A Violet and A Girl.

Children’s songs:

Funny Riddle; Book of Songs; Forest Clearing – musical tale.