Valeri Kostov

Valeri Kostov

11.09.1955 г.

Sofia - Bulgaria

composer, pianist, arranger, musical producer

Valeri Kostov graduated from the Pop and Jazz Music Faculty of the State Academy of Music in 1979. Later he completed a distant education course of the Berklee College of Music in jazz arrangement. His first compositions were in the field of jazz and electronic music. He worked as club and studio pianist in Sofia (1980-85). He travelled across Western Europe as pianist of the rock band Nestinari (1986-94). Since 1995 he has lived in Plovdiv, where he owns a recording studio. He works with singers, vocal and instrumental ensembles.

He made big band, music hall theatre and symphony orchestra arrangements of jazz and pop music, he also composed such music. He is author of children’s choral songs, jazz songs, etc.; over 20 electronic music pieces (1992-97); the music to the computer Soccer Game (1997); the music to the multimedia CD-ROM Impress (1997), etc. He realised co-productions with foreign musicians as composer, arranger and music producer. He worked for the Bulgarian National Radio and the Bulgarian National Television productions. He was prizewinner at The Golden Orpheus Festival (the Union of Bulgarian Composers’ Prize, 1998), the festival for children’s choral song in Berkovitza (first prize, 1999), the international song festival Otkritie in Varna (second prize). He also won several prizes for best arrangement.


Stage music:

Zoo, a musical play (Plovdiv, 2000).

Choral music:

For children’s choir:

Let’s Hear the Joy; Song about Plovdiv (1999); New Fable about the Cricket; Hope (2000); Questions; Necessity; Technical Progress; The Most Holy Night (2001); The Boy with the Guitar; Easter Night; Easter Mystery; Eco-disco ( 2002); To Save A Great Love (2003).

Songs for vocal quartet and big band (pop-jazz):

It’s Raining; Game (1999).

Songs for soloist and big band:

My Only One (2000).

Jazz Songs:

Thread; Tell Me Why; Fly High (1996); Encounter; Hey Stranger, My Friend; Not Today (1997); Don’t Go Away, Love (1998); Thessalonica Dream; BG Boogie (2002).

Pop songs for vocal quartet:

Holy Celebration (1996); Time Changes; Lonely Bosa Nova (1998); Labyrinth; Lead Me; The Mad Leaf; Passion (1999).

Pop songs:

Jazz Party; Love Feeling; The Arrows of Time; Fear; Bulgarian Tune (1995); Streets, Steps, Small Squares (1996); Poem (1997); Sleep, My Child (1998); Snow Falls Through Your Fingers (2000); No Matter Where You Are; Secret Love; Unification (2001); The Heart; Rainy Song; If; See You Tomorrow; Useless Words (2001); I Won’t See Paris (2003).

Music to the documentaries:

Triple Somersault; Ivan Abadjiev (in co-authorship with B. Vasilev) (1988, the Ecran Studio).