Velislav Zaimov

Velislav Zaimov

Sofia - Bulgaria

composer, pedagogue

Velislav Zaimov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1977. He studied Composition with Professor Dimitar Tapkoff and Professor Alexander Tanev. He taught Music Instruments and Wind and Symphony Orchestration at the State Academy of Music (1977-81), Harmony at the National Music High School (1985-90, 1993-94), Music Analysis at the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv (1990-94), Score Reading at the State Academy of Music (since 1989). In 1981 he was visiting conductor of the mandolin orchestra of the City of Brescia (Italy), which premiered his composition Theme and Fugue with Variations. Secretary General of the Union of Bulgarian Composers (1999-2005), President of UBC (2005-2011), Vice President of UBC (since 2011).

He composed a Requiem; 11 symphonies; 11 concertos; 4 fantasies; works for string, chamber, wind and mandolin orchestra; some 80 chamber opuses; vocal-instrumental cycles; organ and piano pieces; choral works, etc. His music was performed in Australia and throughout Europe being presented at contemporary music international festivals such as Musica Danubiana in Rieka, Croatia (1988); World Music Days in Yas, Rumania (1999); or Moscow Autumn (2002); “Violoncello 2005”, Bruxelles; “Contemporary music”, Bucarest 2006. He recorded for the Bulgarian National Radio. His music was also released on CD. His Concerto for violin and symphony orchestra won the second prize at the Winter Music Evenings Festival (1984); his Vo tzarstvii Tvoem (In Thy Kingdom) won the second prize at the church music competition Let’s Be Better (1995). Characteristic features of his music language are free reconsideration of traditional genre forms and focus on timbre colour, which occupies an important place in the overall dramaturgy of the work.



Requiem for soloists, choir and orchestra, after texts from the New Testament in Proto-Bulgarian (1990).

Three Poems for female voices choir and orchestra after poems by Pencho Slaveykov (1977).

For symphony orchestra and other orchestral ensembles:

Symphonies: 1 (1976), 2 (1977), 3 for 13 strings (1978), 4 (1981) 5 for 2 pianos, organ, strings and percussion (1984), 6 (1987), 7 (1992), ?8 (1996), 9 (1997), 10 for vibraphone, harp and string orchestra (2000), 11 (2003), 12 (2005), 13 (2006), 14 (2010).

Symphony fantasies: 1 (1979); 2 (1986); 3 (1993); 4 (1999); 5 (2002).

Essay for symphony orchestra (2002), ”Largo e pensieroso” for symphony orchestra (2009).

Concertos: for flute, violoncello and orchestra (1978); for violin and orchestra (1981); Musicaconcertante(1991); for violin, viola and orchestra (1994); for organ and orchestra (1995); for piano and orchestra (1996) for two violas and orchestra (1998); for two violoncellos and orchestra (1999); chamber concerto with solo piano (1999); for two pianos, strings and percussion (2001), for two French horns, strings and percussion (2002); for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, strings and percussion (2006), Concert music for two trumpets, two trombones, percussion instr. Piano and strings (2008), „In modo di concerto” for chamber ensemble (2010).

For wind orchestra:

Fantasy (2001).

For string orchestra:

Nine variations (1975); Theme with Variations and Fugue (1979); Serenade (1984); Intermezzo (2003), Fantasy for Mezzo soprano and 13 strings (text Mara Belcheva).

Chamber music:

40 solo and ensemble sonatas for various instruments (1986-2009).

Duettino for oboe and piano (1985).

13 trios (1977-2009); 14 quartets, of which 9 for strings (1976-2010); Wind Quintet (1985); Clarinet Quintet (1997); 5 sextets (1988-2002); 2 septets (1984-2000); Octet for wood winds, percussion and piano (1994); String Nonet (1988); Concert music for 11 string instruments (2001); Concert music for 13 strings (2004), Fantasy for Mezzo soprano and 13 strings.

For 12 violoncellos: Fantasy (1995); Largo (1996).

For piano: Fantasy (1986); 10 intermezzos; Nocturne (1981); Arioso and Burlesque (1982); Choral Prelude for piano for four hands (1991); Three little pieces, Two Choral Preludes, Pastoral and Toccata for piano for four hands (1997), 12 pieces (2008).

For organ: Fantasy (1988); Two Choral Preludes, Choral Fantasy (2004).

Vocal music:h3(red-dot).

Two Poems for two sopranos and string quartet after Lope de Vega (1978); Suite for soprano, flute, harp and harpsichord on poems by Nikolay Liliev (1996); Fantasy for alt and piano on poems by Mara Belcheva (1998).

Choral music:

For choir and instrumental ensemble:

Serenade for tenor, female voices choir and chamber ensemble (1978).

Et sustulit unus angelus for mixed choir, two trumpets and two trombones, based on Latin texts from The Apocalypse (1998).

For a capella choir:

For double mixed choir:

Three Psalms 84, 31 and 98 in German (1992); Milost mira (Mercy for the World) (1994); Vo tzarstvii Tvoem (In Thy Kingdom) and Spasi ni, Sine Boji (Save Us, oh, God’s Son) (1995); Cherub Song (2000).

For mixed choir: Ascension and Going out of Prison – diptych, after L. de Leon (1988); Tebe poem (We Glorify You) (1998).

For female voices choir: Hvalite imya Gospodne (Glory to God) (1996); Blagosloven gryadiy vo imya Gospodne (In God’s Name) (1997); Svete tihiy (Quiet Light) (2003); “Veliko slavoslovie” (2006).