Vesselin Karaatanassov

Vesselin Karaatanassov


Gorna Oriahovitza - Bulgaria


Stage music:

Monodrama, lyrics by R. Akugatawa (1983).

A Cube Game – children’s musical.

Tragnal kos (A Blackbird Embarked on a Journey) – ballet.

Short Gramophone Tales.

For symphony orchestra:

Youth Symphony (1976); Sonata for Orchestra (1979); Epitaphs for violin, orchestra and organ, after poems by Teodor Trayanov (1981); Music for Orchestra (1985); Ode for soprano, alt, baritone, organ and orchestra (1987); Apotheosis for tenor and orchestra (1988).

Chamber music:

Endurance for two voices, viola, flute, French horn and piano, on poems by Emily Dickinson (1979); Procession for flute, French horn and harp (1995).

For piano: Variants, a cycle (1975); Night Butterflies (1993); Concerto for two pianos (1983)

Fabliau after pictures by Nikolay Maystorov for 5 pianos (1994).

For organ: Sonata (1976).

Electronic and electroacoustic music:

Heterotempi (1981); Zodiac of the Crystals for marimba, piano and tape (1989).