Vesselin Nenov

Vesselin Nenov

18.10.1923 г.

Varna - Bulgaria

composer, conductor

He is Dragomir Nenov’s brother. He graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1953 majoring in Composition under Professor Vesselin  Stoyanov and Conducting under Professor Assen Dimitrov. He worked as a conductor in Dobrich (1953-59) and Pernik (1960-63). From 1963 to 1987 he conducted the Opera in Stara Zagora.

He wrote a ballet; vocal-instrumental, symphony and chamber music; choral and solo songs; theatre music; he arranged over 50 folksongs for Radio Stara Zagora.


Stage music:


The Tomb of Kazanlak (2003).


Song to Stara Zagora for mixed choir and symphony orchestra, lyrics by Ivan Gruev.

For voice and symphony orchestra:

Songs for soprano and orchestra:

Farewell after Elisaveta Bagriana; Lullaby, lyrics by Todor Belchev; About Love, lyrics by Evtim Evtimov (1989).

Songs for baritone and orchestra:

Fidelity, lyrics by Alexander Gerov; Tzeliyat sam ustremen kam teb (My Craving to Be with You), lyrics by Evtim Evtimov; Triptych about the Unrequited Love, lyrics by Evtim Evtimov and Alexander Gerov (1992).

For symphony orchestra:

Symphonies: 1 (1953), 2 (1960).

Poem (1948).

Suite from the music to the play At the Foot of Vitosha by Peyo Yavorov.

For string orchestra:

Prayer based on two Thracian songs in memory of the Thracian people killed in the Insurrection of Ilinden. Invention (1979).

Chamber music:

For piano:

Paydushko horo (Editor’s note: The horo is a Bulgarian traditional dance featuring a variety of time beats depending on the region it comes from.) (1947); Variations; Two little pieces – Prelude and Miniature (1948); Four studies on one theme (1950); Scherzo (1951); On the Path, a small prelude (1969).

Choral music:

For mixed choir and piano:

March of the Miner, lyrics by Karik (1957); Song to Galabovo, lyrics by Ivan Gruev (1989).

For female voices choir:

Are You Alive, Children from Yastrebino?, lyrics by Anrey Germanov (1976).

For female voices choir and piano:

Christmas Suite (1998).

For traditional music female voices choir:

Three Cheerful and Heroic Macedonian Songs (Defeated Ago, Choban Dimo and Razigralo sey cherno more (Stormy Black Sea).