Vladimir Naoumov

Vladimir Naoumov

30.03.1954 г.

Varna - Bulgaria

composer, arranger

He is son of Anastas Naumov. He graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1980 majoring in Percussion under Professor Dobri Paliev. He started composing pop music since the mid 1970s and his first song “I Don’t Regret” was awarded at the Youth Competition for Pop Songs (1975). During the late 1970s his creative efforts focused on combining the Bulgarian traditional melody with the contemporary sound of pop music. In the 1980s he was leader of the popular vocal group Silver Stars at the Pop Section of the Bulgarian Armed Forces. He bound his personal and professional life with the pop singer Elvira Georgieva and wrote for her some 100 songs released in eight albums. They both were prizewinners at the Burgas and the Sea Competition and The Golden Orpheus Festival. He also composed songs for Mimi Ivanova, Vasil Naydenov, Mihail Yonchev, Neli Rangelova, etc. He works as studio musician.

Apart from pop music, he also wrote children’s songs; theatre and film music; folksong arrangements, as well as song lyrics.


Songs awarded at:

The Golden Orpheus Festival:

Desire, performed by Elvira Georgieva (third prize, 1997).

The Burgas and the Sea Competition:

Winter Sea, performed by Elvira Georgieva (third prize, 1988).

Folksong arrangements:

Petruno, pile shareno (Petruno, My Sweetheart); Djore dos; Pustoto ludo i mlado (The Reckless Young Man); Denyova mama (Denyo’s Mother).