Pentcho Stoyanov

Pentcho Stoyanov

9.02.1931 г.

Sofia - Bulgaria

composer, pedagogue, music theoretician

Pencho Stoyanov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1955 majoring in Composition under Professor Parashkev Hadjiev and Professor Pancho Vladigerov. He specialised in Composition at the Moscow Conservatoire with Aram Hachaturyan and Theory of Music with Protopopov, Zuckerman and Skrebkov. As a scholarship student in Paris, he attended classes of Tony Aubin and Olivier Messiaen. In 1964 he joined the staff of the State Academy of Music as a lecturer in Harmony and Theory of Music. Two years later he began teaching Music Analysis as well. In 1966 he was promoted associate professor, in 1972 full professor; in 1981 he received the degree Doctor of Art Study. He also taught at Sofia University. He gave composition master classes in Austria (1995), Germany (1989) and South Korea (1992, 1993, 1995, 1996). He took part in symposiums and scientific conferences in the Czech Republic, France (Dijon), Germany (on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Berlin’s founding), Greece, Hungary, Italy, Russia and former Yugoslavia.

As a renowned music theoretician and professor of composition, Stoyanov taught generations of eminent composers and musicologists. A great part of his work reflects tendencies characteristic for the contemporary Bulgarian music as witnessed by his music’s social involvement, optimistic democratic pathos or original contemporary compositional style. He authored five symphonies; three symphonic poems; three overtures; a divertimento for string orchestra and other instrumental works; a piano quintet; two string quartets; three sonatas for violin and piano; works for piano; two song cycles; over 350 choral songs, etc. He was member of juries of composition competitions in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. His students are now respected figures, lecturers at universities in the USA, South Korea, Germany, former Yugoslavia, Greece or Vietnam. He won international awards for composition in Poland (1955), France (1978), and several national awards.

He wrote music theory studies and textbooks.


For symphony orchestra:

Symphonies: 1 (1958); 2 (1971); 3 (Sinfonietta for small orchestra) (1971); 4 Faith for bass, reader and symphony orchestra, based on a poem by Nikola Vaptzarov (1974).

Symphony-cantata Records of the Beginning for bass, soprano, organ and symphony orchestra, words by D. Shopov (1983).

Symphonic poem “Farewell” for symphony orchestra and reader, based on a poem by Hristo Botev (1973).

Sinfonietta “Aquarelles from Tarnovo” (1985).

For wind orchestra:

Symphonic poem “Drava” (1970).

For string orchestra:

Divertimento (1959); Concerto for string orchestra (1977); Romance (1974); Pastoral (1981).

Concertos for: flute, clarinet, bassoon and string orchestra (1969); two pianos and string orchestra (1990).

Concertino for piano and string orchestra (1983).

For chamber orchestra:

Prelude-improvisation (1969); Rondino-capriccioso (1971).

Chamber music:

Piano Quintet (1975).

String quartets: 1 (1953); 2 (1956).

Quartet for flute, harp, viola and piano (1973).

Five Pieces for piano, clarinet and percussion (1991).

For violin and piano:

Sonatas: 1 (1953); 2 (1970); 3 (1989).

Concertinos: 1 (1958); 2 (1961).

Childrens Concertino; Rondo Concertante; Capriccio, Joke, Tongue-twister; Romance; Song and Joke; Five Preludes (1971); Prelude; Burlesque; Improvisation.

Scherzo for viola and piano; Recitative-improvisation for violoncello and piano.

For flute and piano: Burlesque (1973); Improvisation (1973).

For clarinet and piano: Little Scherzo; Scherzo.

Scherzo for bassoon and piano.

For trumpet and piano:Four Pieces (1965); Capriccio (1970); Quasi Rapsodico (1998).

For piano:

Sonata (1965); Sonatina (1962); Watercolour (1966); Prelude (1966); Pieces (1966); Sunbeams – for four hands (1978); Metamorphoses (1993); Micro-Suite (1996).

Vocal music:

Three Songs for soprano and piano, lyrics by D. Raynova (1961); Children’s Song Cycle (1987); Song Cycle, lyrics by M. Shterev (1998).

Selected books (published in Bulgarian):

Music Analysis (Sofia, 1960; 1962); What Is Music Theme (Sofia, 1964-65); Music Analysis for Students (Sofia, 1966); Music Analysis for the Secondary Music Schools (Sofia, 1971); Contrastive-Compound Forms (Sofia, 1973); Interaction between Music Forms (Sofia, 1975); Selected Music Works with Analyses (in co-authorship with Elena Stoyanova) (Sofia, 1980).

Selected literature on him (in Bulgarian):

Panayotova, Liliana, Dora Penkova. Pencho Stoyanov. Bio-bibliographical Study (Sofia, 1982).

Karklisiyski, Tomi. Pencho Stoyanov (Sofia, 1987).