Emil Handjiev

Emil Handjiev


Sofia - Bulgaria


Emil Handjiev wrote works for piano, winds and other instruments; vocal and choral music; music to theatre performances, etc. He focuses on small-scale music forms and theatrical imagery.


For symphony orchestra:

Pastoral and Dance.

Chamber music:

Cycle of electronic miniatures.

For percussion instruments:

Quartet for vibraphone, marimba, piano and percussion; Pif’s Adventures for six percussion instruments; Three Miniatures for six percussion instruments; Song for four percussion instruments.

Master of Flies for chamber ensemble..

Free Music I for vibraphone and piano; Free Music II for clarinet, piano and vibraphone; Free Improvisation III for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, piano and vibraphone.

Composition Sketches for trumpet (in B), piano and percussion; Prelude for percussion and piano; Piece for marimba and piano.

Miniature for harp and marimba; Small Studio for vibraphone and piano; Studio, Miniature and Festive Piece for vibraphone.

For piano:

Ole Who Closes Your Eyes, a cycle of eight miniatures after Andersen; The Steps of Jesus Christ; Salve – 15 miniatures; Miniature; Miniature in C major; Piece in 3; One Minute for Piano; The Man for two pianos or four hands.

For voice and piano:

The Happy Snails for male voice and piano after Andersen; What Liberty Told Me for female voice and piano, lyrics by Georgi Borissov

For choir and piano:

Spring for mixed choir and piano, lyrics by Kiril Kadiyski; Eight Miniatures for mixed choir; Songs for two-voiced children’s choir and piano, after Elin Pelin, A. Bojinov and Dora Gabe.

Music to puppet performances:

The Minikin and Karlson; A Clown’s Smile; Operation “Cockerel”.