Bojidar Abrashev Jr.

composer, conductor, pianist, organist, ensemble player

22.06.1977Sofia - Bulgaria

Bojidar Abrashev Jr. graduated from the Lyubomir Pipkov School of Music with a degree in piano performance in 1996 in the class of Emilia Kaneva. Alexander Raychev and graduated from NMA “Prof. Composition – under prof. Georgi Kostov; opera symphonic conducting – successively under prof. Ivan Marinov, prof. Prof. Boris Khinchev and Assoc. Atanas Varadinov and choral conducting successively under prof. Lilia Giuleva and prof. Krum Maksimov.

Since 2004 he has been a doctoral student at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst – Wien. In 2010 he defended his doctorate at the NMA “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”. In the period 2002-2010 Bojidar Abraschev Jr. was conductor at the OFD – Plovdiv.

He gives numerous concerts, ballet and opera performances:
“La Traviata”, “Il matrimonio segretto”, “La serva Padrona”, “Giselle” and many others, including Bulgarian and world contemporary composers and original music.

Since 2003, he has performed in Prague, Budapest, Brussels, Antwerp, Vienna, Moscow, Tula, Ohrid, Bitola, as well as nationally.

In 2012 he performed with the Mahler Philharmoniker in Vienna.


He is the author of numerous chamber, symphonic and choral works, including two symphonies, the songs “Seufzen einer schwarzen Perle” (written on his own text) and “Farewell” on the poems of Nikola Vaptsarov, for soprano and symphony orchestra.

He is also the composer of a number of chamber and solo pieces for piano, organ, flute, cello and other instruments, including works:
“Dialectical Images” and “Eastern Miniatures” for piano;
DessiLieder, for piano and bass;
“I Love You to Tears” for piano and low female voice based on poems by Alexander Serov;
“Ich liebe Dich” for piano and soprano;
a lot of organ and cymbal music.
The style of Bojidar Abrashev Jr. is distinguished by several characteristic features, one of the most striking features being the so-called Orthodox Neobaroque he created, in which the principles of Neobaroque polyphonic genres are linked to the principles of the sound of Orthodox music, conceived as a philosophy of unity and of the universal Christian religion.

Bojidar Abrashev Jr. also has a rich output in the field of literature, as the author of a vast number of poems, short stories and novellas, including:
“Lem’s Syndrome”, “Windmills from the Silent Front”, “Tales from the Pine Tops”, “Kaliakra Hotel”.

He is also the author of a number of scientific and musical publications such as “Mahler’s Symphonies as Architectural Archetypes”, etc.