Nikolai Arabadzhiev

composer, pianist, conductor

17.02.1936 - 21.12.1971Pleven - Bulgaria

Nikolay Arabadzhiev is a Bulgarian composer, pianist and conductor, born in. He is a Bulgarian-born composer and composer of music. In the period 1969-1971 he led the famous Sofia Orchestra. Under his leadership, the Sofia Orchestra established itself as one of the best popular music formations.

Arabadzhiev wrote songs that continue to be hits to this day: “Stay”, performed by Pasha Hristova and “Golden Heart”, performed by Lili Ivanova. As conductor of the Sofia Orchestra he wrote very modern arrangements for his time, which changed the character and sound of Bulgarian popular music of the 1960s and 1970s. Together with Pasha Hristova they created a creative tandem that won many prestigious awards at home and abroad: the Golden Orpheus (1971) for the song “Stay” and the Grand Prize of the Sopot Festival (1971) for the song “Ah, This Wild World”.