Evgenii Avramov

composer, music theoretician, pedagogue

13.09.1929 - 25.10.2021Sofia, Bulgaria

Evgenii Avramov graduated from the Law Faculty of Sofia University in 1951. In 1958 he graduated from the State Academy of Music in Sofia majoring in Musicology and Composition under Professor Pancho Vladigerov, Professor Alexander Raychev and Professor Assen Karastoyanov. He taught music theory subjects at the National Music High School in Sofia (1958-66). From 1958 to 1992 he taught Harmony, Music Analysis and Polyphony at the State Academy of Music first as a part-time lecturer (1958-67), then as a regular teacher (since 1967). He received a Ph.D. degree in 1974. In 1991 he was promoted associate professor. The same year he was appointed Professor of Harmony at Shumen University. His work spans different genres.

He composed choral works; symphony and chamber music; children’s songs; he arranged a number of Bulgarian traditional melodies. His songs for male voices choir and symphony orchestra were four times prize-winning at the Festival of the Military Song in Veliko Tarnovo.

He publishes pedagogical and scientific-theoretical works, studies, articles, etc.


Choral-orchestral works:
For male choir and symphony orchestra:

“Teasing” (1979);
“The Black Sea, Mother Sea” (1981);
“In Combat Formation” (1983);
“Does the Wind Whistle Alarmingly” (1986);
“The Sword of Asparagus” (1988).

Works for symphony orchestra:
Clarinet Concerto (1963);
Pyrrhic Overture for symphonic (brass) orchestra (1976).

Works for string orchestra:
Chamber Symphony (1969).

Chamber Music:
Piano Trio (1964);
Inventions for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1970);
Suite for trumpet and piano (1977), etc.

For piano:

Collected Reflections, 8 plays (2000).

Choral music:
For mixed choir:

“Krumovo Kale” (1969);
“Triptych” by A. Gerov (1973);
“The Day is Fading (1973).

Songs for children:
“Grammarian”, “Baba Marta was in a hurry”, etc.

Selected literature by Evgeny Avramov:
“A Guide to the Practice of Harmonic Analysis”. Part 1. “Diatonics” (S., 1974); Part 2. “Chromatics”. (С., 1975);
“The Harmony of Pancho Vladigerov (S., 1976).