Kristian Boyadjiev

composer, arranger, music producer

28.08.1954Sofia - Bulgaria

Kristian Boyadjiev is son of the composer Atanas Boyadjiev. He graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv in 1982. He worked at the Bulgarian National Television and the Bulgarian National Radio. In 1998 he was appointed senior editor in 2001 editor-in-chief of the “Pop, Rock and Jazz” Section of the Hristo Botev Programme of the Bulgarian National Radio. He was among the founding members of Musicautor (the Bulgarian Society of Authors and Composers for Performing and Mechanical Rights) in 1992. Since 1996 he has been presenting the weekly programme Between Baroque and Rock (together with Y. Bogdanova) and the programme Jazz Club on the Hristo Botev Programme of the Bulgarian National Radio. Since 2001 he has been chairing the jury of the Burgas and the Sea Competition.

He made his debut as a composer of pop songs in 1979 with the song “Meditation” (performed by Petar Chernev). As representative of a new generation of authors, in the 1980s he made a name for himself as one of the leading Bulgarian pop and rock music figures. He recorded more than 250 songs and 320 arrangements. He worked with lots of the best pop performers in Bulgaria like Lili Ivanova (“I want you to be here”), Vasil Naydenov (“Stars”), Orlin Goranov, the Trick Band (“In Such a Night”), Milena, the Sturtzite Band (“The Rock Concert is Over”), Stefka Onikyan or Bogdana Karadocheva. He produced albums of Nelly Rangelova, Kristina Dimitrova, Chocho Vladovsky, Irina Florin, the pop hit “45 Years Are Enough! Time Belongs to Us!” etc.

He is the author of the first Bulgarian song broadcast on VOA Europe (1991). Since the early 1990s he has worked together with Mihail Yonchev founding the tandem KriMi, with which he made lots of recordings, among them the hit “Faith, Hope, Love”. He was prizewinner at The Golden Orpheus Festival, the Spring Youth Pop Song Competition, the Golden Cock Children’s Song Festival, etc. In 1997 he won the Kuklar Theatre Music Award. Apart from songs, he has also written music to puppet theatre performances, radio and TV clips, etc. His albums were released by the Bulgarian recording companies Balkanton and Riva Sound.


Awarded songs at the festivals:
The Golden Orpheus Festival:
Close to Me (the Grand Prix, 1992), lyrics by Alexander Petrov, performed by Vily Kavaldjiev;
Don’t Do It Again – together with Mihail Yonchev – (the Grand Prix, 1996);
My Pigeon (second prize, 1995), performed by KriMi;
Magic for Love (1997), performed by KriMi;
Good Bye but Farewell, My Nobody’s (award of the Union of Bulgarian Composers, 1999), performed by Lucky.

The Song of Three Seas Festival:
Remembrance (2003), lyrics by V. Nikolaev, performed by the Chic Duet.

300 000 Songs (1988);
For You May Be…Close to Me (1992);
Faith, Hope, Love (1994);
Song For Your Sign (1995); Crescente; The Best – 1, performed by the Shturtzite, Margarita Hranova, Vassil Naydenov, Mihail Belchev (2000).