Evgeni Cheshmedjiev

composer, conductor

23.05.1930 – 17.01.2009Sofia - Bulgaria

Evgeni Cheshmedjiev is the son of Yossif Cheshmedjiev. He graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1958. He studied Composition under Professor Pancho Vladigerov, Orchestral Conducting under Professor Assen Dimitrov and Choral Conducting under Professor Georgi Dimitrov. As choral conductor he performed in Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Romania and in many other countries.

He composed two oratorios; one oratorio-opera; works for symphony and string orchestra; a number of works for piano and other instruments; more than 200 choral and solo songs, vocal cycles, etc. He was prizewinner at the Viotti Composition Competition in Italy (1960). He received the Award of the Bulgarian National Radio (1964), the Grand Cup of Seghizzi Choral Competition in Gorizia, Italy (1973), the Grand Prix of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education (1985), etc. His works were performed in Germany and other countries and recorded for the Bulgarian National Radio, the recording company Balkanton, etc.


Choral-orchestral works:

Oratorio-opera Pagans for soloists, choir, reader and symphony orchestra (1980).

For actors/reader and symphony orchestra:
A Fairy Tale About the Little Leaf for two actors and symphony orchestra (1983);
Eulogy to St. Cyril and St. Methodius for reader and symphony orchestra (1988).

For voice and symphony orchestra:
Three songs for medium voice and symphony orchestra:
Wake-up Song, on a poem by Hristo Yasenov; The New Day, on a poem by Theodor Trayanov; You’ll Be All in White, on a poem by Peyo Yavorov (1997).
Three songs for low voice and piano:
“Morning”, t.D. Debelyanov; “Long Day”, t.G. Konstantinov; “Come”, t. P. Yavorov (2000).

3 songs for medium voice and symphony orchestra “Love games”, T. K. Hristov.

For symphony orchestra:

Fragrant Hair; Versions (2000).

For string orchestra:
Polyphonies (1987).

Chamber Music:
Refreshing Evening for string quartet (2000).

Solo instrumental pieces:

Four Frescoes for trombone (1986);
Improviso for violoncello (1987);
Contrasts for viola (1993);
Strophes for violin (1993);
Monophony for oboe (1996);
Studio for flute (1996);
Dialogues for violin and viola (1994);
Sonata for violoncello (2000).

For piano:
Toccata (1960);
Children’s Drawings (1985);
The Ten Little Fingers (1986);
Jazz Notebook (1990);
Love Magic (1992);
Asymmetries (1993);
Anxieties (1993);
Counterpoints (1996);

Little poems:
Coming Back; Night Birds; Moon Spots (1998);
Fragrant Hair; Alternative Movement (1999);
Hot Line (2000);
Mosaics (2001);
Revelation (2002);
Monologues (2003);
Heralds (2003);
Aquarelles (2003);
At Dusk (2003).

Vocal music:

Cycle of three songs for medium voice and piano: The Little Street; For Fun, lyrics to both by Gonov; You Will Be All in White, on a poem by Peyo Yavorov (2000);
Morning At the Sea Shore, on a poem by Kiril Hristov; Wearied Summer Night for medium voice and piano, lyrics by Slavinsky (2001);
Over the Endless Fields, on a poem by Pencho Slaveykov; Wood-Nymph Bouquet (2002).

For organ:
Two Frescoes (1999);

Too Short Is the Night – little poem (1999).

Choral music:
For mixed choir:

Lacrimosa for mixed choir (1996).

Cloud for female voices choir acapella.