Ivelin Dimitrov

composer, conductor

18.01.1931 – 27.09.2008Silistra – Bulgaria

Ivelin Dimitrov (b.1931, in Silistra) graduated from the “Pancho Vladigerov” State Academy of Music in 1952. He studied composition with Prof. Marin Goleminov. In 1968 he created the Chamber Chapel “P. Penev” (now “Polyphony”), profiled for the performance of Renaissance music and music of the 20th century.

As a leader and conductor, he established the Chamber Chapel as a leading choral formation, actively performed concerts in Bulgaria and abroad, realized a number of first performances in Bulgaria of works by Bulgarian and foreign authors. He performed in countries such as Belgium, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Greece, etc. He received more than 20 prestigious international awards and honors at choral competitions and festivals such as: Air Force London (England); in Arezzo and Segici (Italy); “Bela Bartok” Debrecen (Hungary); “Prof. G. Dimitrov” Varna; in Cork (Ireland); “Prague Days of Choral Singing ’88” (Czech Republic), etc.

Ivelin Dimitrov writes in various genres, in which he strives to achieve modern musical expressiveness, experimenting with traditional intonation, harmonic and polyphonic approaches.

He is the author of works for chamber-instrumental ensembles and solo-instrumental opus; 5 symphonies and other orchestral and vocal-instrumental music; songs for children’s, women’s and mixed choirs, published in various collections, for voice and piano, etc. Part of his work has been recorded on gramophone records and CDs. He is the winner of awards for composition, including “Winter Music Evenings Pazardzhik” (1985) and others.


Stage music:
“The Diving Line” (Ballet Arabesque – 1997).

Choral-orchestral works:
For female choir and symphony orchestra:

“Unfortunate Songs” (1975);
“Verses of Gratitude” (1988).

For female choir and string orchestra:

“Day of Sacrifice” (1980);

Works for symphony orchestra:
Symphony N3 “Quasi Sinfonia”, 1970;
Symphony N5 “The Sunset”, 1975;
“From My Songs” symphony suite, 1988.

For chamber orchestra:
Symphony N4 “Mosaics”, 1972;
“The Reminiscence”- suite for flute and chamber orchestra, 1989.

Works for string orchestra:
Symphony N1 “A Little Naive Symphony”, 1964;
Symphony N2 “Sorrowful Strokes”, 1966;
“Improvised Suite” for piano and strring orchestra, 1989;
“Symphonies”, 1990.

Chamber Music:
String Quartet, 1978;
“Notes From the Diary”: – cycle I for piano trio, 1975; “Notes From the Diary” – cycle II for piano quintet, 1975; “Autumn Episodes” – “Notes from the Diary”, cycle III for flute, violin and piano, 1975;

For flute and piano:
“Frescoes” for flute and piano, 1967;
Sonata for flute and piano, 1970;
“Adaptations” for flute (alto flute) and piano, 1985;

For violin and piano:

Sonata, 1970;
Elegiac Grotesque,1982;
“The Romance” for violin and piano, 1994.

Suite for violin solo, 1964;

For piano and saxophone:
Three Graphic Sketches, 2002;

For piano:

“A Little Suite”, 1960; Sonata, 1976; Sonata for two pianos, 1976; Quasi Sonata, 1980; “Romantic Monologues”, 1980; “Preludes”, 1982; “Rhapsody”, 1989; “Grotesques”, 1999; “Capriccio”, 1999;

Choral music:
Cycle for mixed (female) choir and piano:
“Monologues” – a cycle for mixed (female) choir and piano, 1983;
“Songs at the Altar of Time” – cycle for mixed (female) choir and piano, 1989;
“Autumn motifs”: “Swaddle the upper hand”, “A day of foggy ghosts” and “Silent night and infernal darkness”, t.P. Yavorov (1990).

For female chorus and piano: 4 poems (1994).