Stefan Dimitrov

composer, arranger, performer

28.05.1949Sofia - Bulgaria

Stefan Dimitrov graduated from the Faculty of Theory, Composition and Conducting at BDK (now NMA “prof. P. Vladigerov”) in 1977. In the 1990s, he held responsible management positions: director of “Channel 1” of BNT (1992) , general director of BNT (1997), director of “Nova TV” (1996-98). He is a leading name among the generation of composers in Bulgarian entertainment music who established themselves in the mid-70s, when he wrote his first songs. He works with the theater troupe “4+4”, of which he is the musical director. In 1973, he joined the popular vocal group “Studio B”. He works as a full-time arranger of the BNR Big Band, composes orchestral pieces, music for television shows (“The Infanta’s Birthday”), theater and film music. In the 1980s, he worked with the “Variant B” and “Domino” groups. His duets with Bogdana Karadocheva (“A Hopeless Case”, “Afternoon Song” and many others) are very popular. For the lyrics of his songs, he collaborates with Mihail Belchev, Miryana Basheva and Margarita Petkova. He has repeatedly won awards from the “Golden Orpheus” festival, etc. The song “Let it be a day” (voiced by M. Belchev, sung by a collective formation) marks the founding of the Society of Bulgarian Pop Artists in 1985. He is the author of almost all the songs for the popular acting trio “NLO” since its inception. In the 1990s, his songs “Prayer for Bulgaria” and “Dano, dano” became anthems of political change.


For orchestra:
“Gift for Orchestra”.

Awarded songs:
The Golden Orpheus Festival:
“Lado le”, text by Z. Petrov (1st prize, 1976);
“Let it be summer”, text by M. Basheva (2nd prize, 1977), the two renditions from voc. group “Tonica”;
“On First Roosters”, text by M. Belchev, performed by V. Naydenov (2nd prize, 1980);
“My love”, text by M. Belchev, performed by the vocal group “Domino” (1st prize, 1985).

Radio contest “Spring ’84”:
“Spring Fatigue”, text by M. Basheva, performed by the Argirovi brothers (1st prize).

Other songs:
“I’m fine”; “The good news”; “Saturday, late afternoon”; “Are we waiting for a miracle”; “Farewell My Love”; “Ivane, Ivane”; “Seven times” “Let there be a day”; “Prayer for Bulgaria”; “Dano, dano”.

Film music:
“The Green Fields” directed by Pl. Maslarov (1983);
“The Way of the Sun”, directed by I. Kyulyumov (in collaboration with Al. Brzytsov) (1984);
“On the Other Side of the Sun”, directed by V. Shiekova (1986);
“Patilata of Spas and Nellie”, directed by G. Stoev (1987);
“Following the end of the world”, directed by Ivan Nichev (1998).