Andrey Diamandiev

composer, pedagogue

Андрей Диамандиев

17.11.1961Sofia – Bulgaria

Andrey Diamandiev graduated from the State Academy of Music majoring in Composition under Professor Dimitar Tapkoff (1988). He has been currently teaching at the State Academy of Music Harmony, Orchestration and Music Instruments. He wrote theoretical studies on Harmony, Theory of Music and Philosophy; a doctoral thesis entitled “Functional Correlations at the Edge of the Major-Minor System”.

He composed two symphonies; sinfonietta for strings; chamber works; the music to the film The Golden Knife (director V. Rodriguez), etc.

His orchestral music is characterised by large symphonic dramaturgy.


For symphony orchestra:

Symphony N1 (1988);
Symphony N2 (2000).

For string orchestra:


Chamber music:

Wind Quintet; String Quartet (1996).

For piano: Sonatas; Miniatures; Opposite Movement and Fugue.