Angel Dobrev

composer, pedagogue

Ангел Добрев

01.01.1957Yamna, Sofia district – Bulgaria

Angel Dobrev graduated from the High School of Bulgarian Folk Music in the town of Kotel in 1976 majoring in gadulka. In 1982 he graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv with Musical Pedagogy. In 2000 he took part in the master class under the German composer Paul Dieter and Bojidar Spassov. During 1973-2004 he leads different gadulka schools and teaches in Bulgaria and abroad. Since 1982 he works as a musician in the Orchestra of Folk Music at the Bulgarian National Television and since 2000 as a part-time lecturer at the Sofia University ”St. Kliment Ohridski”. He is a founder, composer and leader of two groups ”Folk Orchestra for authentic music” and ”Ethnos Group for World Music”. He took part in folk festivals, workshops and ethno projects in many European countries.
Angel Dobrev works in different genres. He has composed more than 200 compositions and arrangements for the Bulgarian National Radio and Bulgarian National Television, some of them are published in Bulgaria as well as abroad. The Riva Sound label made CD named ”Zebrovitza” and this CD includes his selected compositions from the Bulgarian National Radio Fund.

In 2018, his Concert play “Dialogues” for solo drum and symphony orchestra with soloist Stoyan Yankulov-Stundji (drum) won the third prize of the jury and the Audience award at the 18th Contest for writing a symphonic work at 7/8.

Website: Angel Dobrev


Choir-orchestral works:

Speakers for soloists, choir and orchestra:
“Hail”, by P. Yavorov (1979);
“If there is nothing to give to the world”,  by Vl. Bashev (1975);
“Heart of Bulgaria”, by D. Metodiev (1985);
The White Bird (1983).

Works for voice and symphony orchestra:

Symphonic poem for tenor and orchestra;
3 ballads for voice and orchestra.

Works for symphony orchestra:

For piano and orchestra (1982);
For flute and orchestra;
For Violin and Orchestra No. 1 (1981), No 2 (1991);

Concertino for violin and orchestra;
Serenade for violin and orchestra (1993).

Chamber music:

Play for Two Clarinet, Basketry and Piano (1976);
Concerto for violin and piano (1976).

For piano:
“Thracian Songs” (1976).

Vocal Music:
Two songs for voice and piano (1975).

Choir Music:

For Mixed Choir:
Horal, An. Stoyanov (1993).

For a female choir:
Madrigal (1991).

For Children’s Choir:
“At school”,
“Fallen Pussy,” An. Stoyanov (1992).