Angel Kotev


Ангел Котев

15.09.1951Sofia – Bulgaria

Mr. Angel Kotev is a professional composer, born on 15.09.1951 in the capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria.
He graduated from the Bulgarian State Conservatory (now named The State Musical Academy “Pancho Vladigerov”)
with major “composition” with Prof. Alexander Raychev – 1977.
Mr. Kotev composes in various genres – Symphonic, Ballet, Chamber, Vocal, Film, Children’s and Electro – Acoustic music.
Most of his Symphonic compositions have been performed and recorded by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Bulgarian
National Radio.
The Ballet “The Barrier” (after the novel of Pavel Vejinov under the same title) was put on stage by Mrs. Margarita
Arnaudova and the Ballet Studio “Arabesque” in 1983. It was on the stage for 4 seasons and had been defined in the
Encyclopedia of Ballet as the first Bulgarian ballet on contemporary theme.
On occasion of the 40th jubilee of the Ballet Studio “Arabesque”, Mr. Kotev was requested to compose
“The Enlightment of the Stone”, the plot of which was inspired by the Park of Sculptures – Gustav Vigeland
in Oslo – Norway. It was put on stage in 2008 by Mrs. Boryana Sechanova and Mrs. Olesya Pantikina.
Rhapsody No. 1 – “The Bulgarian Rhapsody”, was composed by the request of the American Conductor Jung Ho Pack.


Compositions for Symphonic Orchestra:

– Symphonic Poem “The Surviving Tetraevangel” – 1980 (after the work of the Bulgarian poet
and playwright Radko Radkov)
– Overture “Bulgaria” – 1984.
– Symphony No.1 – 1986.
– “Concert Play” for Symphonic Orchestra – 1994
– Symphonic Picture No.1 – 1995
– Rhapsody No.1 – “Bulgaro” – 1997
– Symphonic Picture No.2 – 1998.
– Rhapsody No.2 – “ in 7” – 2001.
– Rhapsody No.3 – 2004.
– “In Memoriam” – 2007 г.


– “The Barrier” Ballet – 1983
– “The Enlightmet of the Stone” – 2008

Choir – Instrumental Works :

– “A Liturgical Poem about The Apostle” for mixed choir, soloist, reader and percussion – 2000

Chamber Music:

– Capriccio for two Violins and String Orchestra
– Tree Impressions for Str. Orchestra
– Trio for Bassoon, Flute and Piano
– Three Pieces “in C” for Violin and Piano
– Theme with ten Variations for Violin
– Four Miniatures for Piano
– Three Impressions for Piano
– Three Enigmas for Piano
– Play for Clarinet
– Sonata for Violin and Clarinet
– Concert pieece for two Flutes and Piano
– Vocalizes for: Trumpet and Piano, Oboe and Piano, Violoncello and Piano,
Violin and Piano, Viola and Piano, etc.
– Piece for Fute
– Nocturnes for piano
– Piece for three Flutes
– Sketches for piano
– Three romantic pieces for piano

Vocal Music:

– Choir Songs: “Falcon”,”Forest”,”Summer”, etc.
– Artistic Songs for different voices and Piano:
“Five songs for Baritone and Piano – by the lyrics of Radko Radko – 2000.
“Expectation” and “Silence” for Soprano and Piano, by the lyrics of D. Boyadjieva – 2002, etc

Children’s Music:

– Compact Disc –”Artistic Songs for Children” (includes 17 songs)
– Compact Disc – “New Songs for Children”, (includes 17 songs)
The above CD`s are performed by “Radio Children” Vocal Group to the Bulgarian National Radio as well as
by popular Bulgarian actors.
– Compact Disc – “Instrumental and Play Back Var. of the CD No.2

Released records of “Balkanton”:

– “The Surviving Tetraevangel” – Symphonic Poem – 1981 /LP/
– “Midnight Mood” No.1 – 1985 /LP/
– “Midnight Mood” No.2 – 1988 /LP/
– “Steps” – 1990 /LP/

Electro-Acoustic Music:

– Compact Disc “Together” ( Includes 15 Pieces) – 2003.
– Many other pieces of the same genre…