Bojidar Abraschev

composer, pedagogue, music theoretician, public figure

Божидар Абрашев

28.03.1936 - 6.11.2006Sofia – Bulgaria

Bojidar Abraschev graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1960 majoring in Composition under Professor Pancho Vladigerov. He was Music Director of the Philip Koutev National Folklore Ensemble (former State Ensemble for Traditional Song and Dance “Philip Koutev”). He joined the staff of the State Academy of Music as part-time lecturer (1964) and regular lecturer (1966) in Symphony Orchestration and Music Instruments. In 1990 he was promoted Full Professor, next year he received a Doctor of Art Study degree. From 1999 to 2001 he was elected Deputy Rector (1999-2001). He has been teaching Symphony Orchestration, Music Instruments Composition, Music Analysis and Essential Theory of Music not only at the State Academy of Music, but also at the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv, Sofia University, Shumen University and the Neofit Rilski South-Western University in Blagoevgrad. He was also member of the Music Expert Council at the Ministry of Culture (since 1990).

Minister of Culture (since 2001).

He composed in a variety of genres focusing on cantatas, oratorios, orchestral and chamber ensemble music. He is the author of five symphonies and other works for symphony orchestra; two oratorios; choral, vocal and chamber music. He arranged over 300 traditional songs and instrumental melodies. He also orchestrated over 20 works by other authors. He won State orders and received various national awards.

He published monographic studies, other research works and articles.



Psalms about the Tsar (1993);
Liturgy Oratorio “St. Ivan Rilski Chudotvorez” (1999);
Ballad about the Balkan for mixed choir and orchestra, lyrics by M. Spasov (1971);
Conjuration – poem for bass-baritone and orchestra, lyrics by Y. Petrov (1991).

For symphony orchestra:

N1 (1964);
N2 Moun-tainous (1967);
N4 Joan Kukuzel (1981);
N5 Solaris (1997).

Youth Pictures (1985);
Overture with Fanfares (2003).

Concertino for trumpet and orchestra (2000).

For string orchestra:

Symphony N3 (1975);
Concerto grosso (1978);
Concerto for two pianos and string orchestra (1969).

Chamber music:

Prelude, song and scherzo for 12 violoncellos (1994).

String quartets:

N1 (1998);
N2 (1999);
N3 (2000).

Concerto for clarinet, piano and percussion (1982).

For flute and piano:

Two fantastic pieces (1985);
Sonata (1989).

Scherzo for violoncello and piano (1984).

Sonata-fantasy for solo violoncello (1971);
Sonata for solo violin (2002).

For piano:

Ten preludes (1994);
Sonatas 1-4.

Vocal music:

Three poems for soprano and piano after sonnets by Michelangelo (1981).
Revelations – a vocal cycle for baritone and piano (1999).

Choral music:

Vocal Symphony for eight voices (1971).

For female voices choir:

Three Frescoes (1996);
Otche nash (Lord’s Prayer) – triptych (1996).

Selected books (published in Bulgarian):

The Orchestra-Sound Substance (Sofia, 1976).
Symphony Orchestration: Vol. 1: Orchestration and Music Form (Sofia, 1992); Vol. 2: General Principles (Sofia, 1996).
Music Instruments (Vol. 1; Vol. 2; Sofia, 1995).
Arranging and Orchestrating Bulgarian Traditional Music (Sofia, 1991, 1995). Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Music Instruments – All Epochs and Regions of the World (in co-authorship with Vladimir Gadjev) (Sofia, 2000).