Bojidar Petkov


Божидар Петков

29.07.1940 – 14.05.2015Gabrovo – Bulgaria

Bojidar Petkov graduated from the Academy of Music in Krakow, Poland in 1965. He studied composition with Stanislav Viehovic and Krzysztof Penderecki. He worked at the Bulgarian National Radio (1968-84) and at the Bulgarian Copyright Agency (1984-90) .

Up to 1990 he composed actively theatre and film music (including music to over 90 cartoons, documentaries and feature films), which brought him prestigious national and international prizes. Later he focused mainly on instrumental music. His Toccata for two pianos was performed and acclaimed in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia, Japan, Cuba, etc. Works of his were recorded for the Bulgarian National Radio and included in a CD released by the recording company Gega New.


For mixed choir and symphony orchestra:


Patriarch Evtimii (1970);
Planet Vibrations (1992);
Life Rhythms (1993).

For symphony orchestra:

Study for orchestra (1963);
Moods (Music Diaries) – symphonic miniatures (since 1984);
Panevritmia – symphonic studies (1991);
Alphabet Reflections (1991);
Coloured Associations (1991-1992);
Aura Movements (1993);
Ballet Palette Symphonic Suite (1994);
Pictures of Nature – 12 orchestral pieces (1996);
Symphony (1998);
Four symphony preludes (1998-2001).
Piano Concerto (1965);
Music for violoncello and orchestra (1995);
Music for violin and orchestra (1995);
Concerto-Poem for violoncello and orchestra (1996).

 For string orchestra:

Suite for piano and strings (1973).

Chamber music:

Introduction for violin and piano (1996);
Inertia for two violins (1997);
Afternoon Impression for violoncello and piano (1997);
Dreamed Serenade for violoncello and piano (1997);
Ballad Variations for violoncello and piano (1998);
Adagio for violin and piano (1963).

For piano:

N1 (1961);
N2 (1964).

Dance (1956);
Sonatina (1968);
Associations (1962).

For two pianos:

Toccata (1976);
Adequacy (1998).

Vocal music:

Moon Charm for soprano and English horn (1997).

Film music to:

Advantage, directed by G. Dyulgerov (1977);
Panteley, directed by G. Stoyanov (1978);
Measure for Measure, directed by G. Dyulgerov (1981);
The Central Hotel, directed by V. Branev (1982);
Wolf hunt, directed by S. Trifonov.