Dimitar Valchev


Димитър Вълчев

3.07.1929 – 28.09.1995Asenovgrad – Bulgaria

Dimitar Valchev graduated from the State Academy of Music majoring in Piano under Professor Andrey Stoyanov (1952) and Composition under Professor Parashkev Hadjiev (1956). He was conductor at the travelling troupe Popular Theatre for the Village (1954-60). From 1961 to 1991 he conducted the orchestra of the Satire Theatre in Sofia. In 1992 he joined the staff of the State Music Theatre as music dramaturgy expert.

He wrote musical plays for adults and children, staged in Sofia (State Music Theatre and Youth Theatre) as well as outside the capital and broadcast on the radio and television; Glory to the Day Cantata; Fantasy for piano and orchestra; Three concert pieces for chamber orchestra; Wind Quintet; Piano Sonata; choral songs; dance pieces for jazz orchestra; music to over 100 TV and theatre performances; film scores, etc. His pop songs were included in the repertoire of leading Bulgarian actors and pop singers such as Yordanka Hristova, M. Dimitrova, Pasha Hristova or P. Chernev and were prizewinners at The Golden Orpheus Festival, the Golden Blackbird Festival, etc.


Stage music:

King and Plumber – opera buffa (1975, Sofia, Bulgarian National Radio).

Time for Love – operetta (1959, Sofia, State Music Theatre).

Musical plays:

Fashion Show with a Smile (fashion show) (1967, Sofia, State Music Theatre);
When Dolls Don’t Sleep (tale for children) (1968, Sofia, National Youth Theatre);
My Mother’s Wedding (for children) (1968, Sofia, National Youth Theatre);
The Country “Do-What-You-Want” (modern fairytale) (1968, Sofia, National Youth Theatre);
The Twelfth Night (1970, Sofia, State Music Theatre): Puss in Boots (for children) (1974/75, Sofia, National Youth Theatre);
Wager (Who Is Better, Who Is Stronger) (for children) (1976, Sofia, National Youth Theater);
Duel (1977, Sofia, State Music Theatre);
My Sweet Mother (fantastic tale for children) (1978, National Youth Theatre);
Open the Door to Nadia, Please (mono performance for children) (1979, Sofia, National Youth Theatre);
Spring Any Time (for children) (1985/86, Sofia, National Youth Theatre);
Falsifiers (buffo) (1986, Sofia, State Music Theatre);
Dangerous Adventures with Singing Heroes (for children) (1987/8, Sofia;
Oh, That Sex! (farce) (1991, Sofia);
Yan Bibiyan.

Awarded pop songs at:

The Golden Orpheus Festival:

Dolphins, lyrics by D. Kerelezov, performed by Yordanka Hristova (first prize, 1966);
Pearl Stealer, performed by Veli Chaushev (first prize, 1967);
A Bulgarian Rose, lyrics by N. Valchev, performed by Pasha Hristova (first prize and the Special Prize of the Union of Bulgarian Composers, 1970);
Dedication, lyrics by N. Valchev (the Special Prize, 1974);
A Woman, lyrics by N. Valchev (second prize, 1975);
A Song for Both of Us, lyrics by St. Pencheva (third prize, 1980).

The TV competition Melody of the Year:

White Song, lyrics by P. Karaangov, performed by Pasha Hristova (1971).

Other pop songs:

Varna, the Maritime Girl;
The Little Street;
The Starry Prince;
Saturday Night, etc.

Film music to:

The Quiet Fugitive, directed by Petar B. Vasilev (1972);
The White Room, directed by Metodi Andonov (1968);
The Kindest Person I Know, directed by Lyubomir Sharlandjiev (1973);
The Great Boredom, directed by Metodi Andonov (1973);
Memory of the Twin Sister, directed by Lyubomir Sharlandjiev (1976);
Three Deadly Sins, directed by Lyubomir Sharlandjiev (1979).

Selected books (published in Bulgarian):

The Other String (Sofia, 1994).

Selected materials (in Bulgarian):

Maestro Dimitar Valchev about Himself and Others about Him (edited by Katya Vodenicharova) (Sofia, 2002).