George Bonev

composer, pedagogue

Жорж Бонев

23.03.1948Yambol – Bulgaria

George Bonev graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1978 majoring in Piano and Composition under Professor Parashkev Hadjiev. In 1973 while he was still a student, Professor Zdravko Manolov offered him to join the Polyphony Department as an assistant professor. He refused in order to complete his education. From 1982 to 1990 he worked as editor-in-chief at the Army Song Artistic Centre and was member of the writers’ and composers’ group at the Ministry of Defence. Since 1983 he has also taught Harmony at the State Academy of Music.

He wrote music for symphony, wind and string orchestra; chamber instrumental works, children’s and choral songs, arrangements, etc. He was awarded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence, the “Vasil Levski” Military School, etc. He focuses on instrumental and orchestral music. Part of his children’s songs and military marches were released on LPs and recorded by the Bulgarian National Radio. Several military songs were published as part of the collection “Fly, Our Army Song”. In 1989 he compiled and edited the collection “Poklon, narode mili” (Let Us Honour You, Our Dear Nation) including 100 soldier’s songs and marches for mixed choir and piano (Orlin Orlinov edited the lyrics).



White Tale – symphony tale for reader, mixed choir and orchestra after Valeri Petrov’s story.

For symphony orchestra:

“April 1876” – overture (1981) (version for wind orchestra, 1986);
Symphony Suite from the symphony tale White Tale (1979);
Bride – symphony legend (1980).

For piano and orchestra:

Variations for piano and orchestra (1977);
Piano Concert (1978);
Retro (2003).

For wind orchestra:


For string orchestra:

Thirteen Improvisations (1983).

Chamber music:

Wind Quintet (1976);
Wind Trio (1973).

For piano:

Variations (1970);
Sonata (1973).