Georgi Andreev

composer, conductor, performer

Георги Андреев

24.03.1969Haskovo – Bulgaria

Georgi Andreev graduated from the Traditional Instruments High-School in Shiroka Laka majoring in Rebeck. He completed his higher education at the State Academy of Music where he majored in Composition under Professor Alexander Tekeliev (1990-95). In 1993 he won a scholarship for best student in Composition awarded by the Union of Bulgarian Composers. In 1994 he won the Alfred Schnittke Prize for his Piano Sonata. He graduated with honours in 1997. From 1994 to 2000 he conducted the orchestra at the Philip Koutev State Folklore Ensemble; since 2000 he has been its chief conductor.

He wrote pieces for chamber orchestra or pieces for piano. He also arranged over 400 Bulgarian traditional songs and instrumental tunes.

In 2001 he won the Maestro Dimitar Valchev Prize for the music to Neshka Robeva’s dance show Two Worlds.”


For choir and orchestra:

The Heritage Cantata (2003).

For symphony orchestra:

Symphony (1997);
Choreographic fantasy Aramii (Haidouks) (1994).

Concerto for clarinet and orchestra (2002).

Chamber music:

Piano Sonata (1994).

Music to dance shows:

Two Worlds (2000);
The Bulgarian Legend (2002).