Haigashod Agassian

composer, performer

Хайгашод Агасян

28.01.1953Varna – Bulgaria

Haigashod Agassian graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1978 majoring in Viola. He attended courses in France and Hungary (1977-80). Since 1979 he worked at the National Youth Theatre and since 1991 at the Vazrajdane Theatre. He plays in symphony and chamber orchestras. He gives solo concerts and recitals with the poets Nedyalko Yordanov and Stefan Tzanev in Bulgaria, Vienna, Bratislava and Moscow. He wrote theatre and film music, pop songs for children and adults, some of which still popular. As a composer, he won prizes at various competitions such as The Golden Orpheus Festival (1993), the Sweet-voiced Lark Bulgarian National Radio Competition for Children’s Songs (1996), the Burgas and the Sea Festival, Youth Pop Song Competition, the Spring Radio Competition, etc.


Pop songs:

Don’t Grow Old, Love (1983; Spring (1985);
The Dream of the Child (1986);
From Far Away (1989);
Dedication (Grand Prix at The Golden Orpheus Festival, 1993);
Where Are You? (first prize at The Golden Orpheus Festival, 1994);
God Save Bulgaria (1995);
Prayer (1996);
Teenager’s Song (1997);
I Don’t Believe (1998)… and more.

Children’s songs:

The World Is Nice (1989);
Carnival (1991);
Christmas Eve (1991);
Difficult Age (1992);
Note Scale (1993);
Hello, Hey, Friend (1995);
Rascal’s Paradise (1995);
Moth (1996);
The World is Nice (1997);
Lesson in Falling (1998);
The Magic Pill (1999)… and more.

Music to the fairy-tales:

Happy Birthday;
Winter Tale.