Yulian Slabakov


Юлиян Слабаков

13.04.1957Gorna Oriahovitza – Bulgaria

Yulian Slabakov graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv in 1982. He studied Composition with Professor Ivan Spassov. From 1982 to 1987 he taught music in Ruse. In 1987 he enrolled at the State Academy of Music and graduated in 1994 majoring in Composition under Professor Dimitar Tapkoff. Since 1994 he has been a freelancer.

He composed musical plays (some of them to his own libretto); pieces for orchestra; chamber music; choral songs, most of them in the church music genre; solo songs and over 120 pop songs for children (some of them to his lyrics); film and theatre music, etc. He was prize winner at the competition Poetry and Songs of the Balkan Mountain in Dryanovo (1986, 1987, 1989); the national festival for children’s pop song Lacheni obuvki (Patent Leather Shoes) in Berkovitza (1996); the national competition Liturgy Chants in Sofia (1994, 1996, 1999); the children’s song contest Golden Cock in Stara Zagora (1998); the International Choral Festival in Targovishte (1998). He recorded for the Bulgarian National Radio and released six audiocassettes with children’s pop songs.


Stage music:

Musical plays:

Good Morning, Good Night, after Donald Bisset (1992);
The Princess and the Swineherd, libretto by Pancho Panchev (1996);
Snow-white and the Seven Dwarfs, to his libretto (with Karaslavov) (1997);
The Musicians from Bremen, to his libretto (1998);
Santa Claus Is Here (2003).


Libera me for female voices choir and symphony orchestra on liturgical texts (1991).

For symphony orchestra:

Symphony (1993).

For wind orchestra:

Waltz (1990);
Trojan March (1993);
Three Dances (2003).

Chamber music:

Rondo scherzando for piano, violoncello and flute (1990).

For piano:

Toccata (1984);
Theme with Variations (1989);
Sonatina (1990).

Vocal music:

For soprano and piano:

Girl (1982);
Three Miniatures, after French poets (1982);
Say Nothing, My Friend (1989);
Three Songs (1990).

Ecclesiast for string quartet and high female voice, after Bible texts (1991).

Choral music:

For mixed choir:

Two little cantatas:

Bells (1981) and Horsemen (1985), lyrics by V. Markovski;
Libera me Cantata (variant) (1993);
Mass (1993);
Joan Chrysostom Liturgy (1995-01).


Cuibus sub bina specie (1991):
Andalusian Habanera (1991);
Ernengilda (1994);
Liaskovetz, lyrics by S. Poptonev (1998).

For female voices choir:

Little Dead Man to Laugh at (1984);
Farewell, lyrics by S. Pencheva; Drianovo, lyrics by T. Gancheva.

Song cycle:

Summer in Old Plovdiv;
Experiment (1991).

Libera me (1991);
Ave Maria (1996) (also in a version for mixed choir);
The Lord’s Prayer (1998);
Ave Maria (1999);
Lunata izpluva (The Moon Came out), lyrics by Petia Dubarova (2000).

For male voices choir:

The Lord’s Prayer (1994);
L’e Perche (1994);
Vo tzarstvii Tvoem (In Thy Kingdom) (1995);
Pater Noster (1996).

For children’s choir:

Children and Airplane, lyrics by E. Genova (1983);
We are Children of a Great People, to his lyrics (1983);
Driver Is Understood;
Night Miracles, lyrics by E. Genova (1984);
Son tre notti che non dormo (1994);
Annuncia La Stella (1996);
Pomogni mi da Te vazvisya (Help Me Exalt You), lyrics by Georgi Strumski (1996);
Grand Spring Tarantella, to his lyrics;
Faith, Hope, Love, to his lyrics (2001).