Georgi Genkov

composer, conductor

3.03.1929 – 25.12.2010Sofia - Bulgaria

Georgi Genkov graduated from the State Academy of Music in Sofia in 1951 majoring in Violin. From 1951 to 1961 he played in the orchestra of the Youth Theatre. From 1962 to 1981 he was employed at the Central Puppet Theatre. He also worked as composer and conductor at the Salza I Smyah Theatre. He is member of the German copyright agency GEMA, the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers and the Union of Bulgarian Actors.

He is among the leading composers of theatre and film music. He wrote the music to over 45 puppet shows and 47 theater shows, 52 feature films, 120 cartoons and 26 short films, 18 TV plays, about 15 pop songs, etc.

He has recently selected, arranged and recorded on CD some 250 children’s songs. He was prizewinner at numerous theatre and film festivals.


Stage music:
Children’s opera:

“White Tale”, libretto by Valeri Petrov, produced by B. Atanasova (Sofia, 1985).

Children’s musicals:

“Put It Mildly” (1979); “In the Moon’s Room”(1983); “Sea-Blue”(1985) all after libretto by Valeri Petrov, produced by Margarita Mladenova and staged at the Sofia Theatre.

Theatre music to:
To Put It Mildly by Valeri Petrov (premiered at the State Theatre in Pernik, 1994);
The Minister’s Wife by Stefan Kostov (premiered at the Salza I Smiah Theatre, 1995);
Long Day’s Journey To Night by Eugene O’Neil (premiered at the Salza I Smiah Theatre, 1996);
Story About The Real Princess (premiered at the State Theatre in Pernik, 1996);
Button for Dreams by Valeri Petrov (premiered at the National Film And Theatre Art Academy, 1999);
The Little Tiger Spas by Rada Moskova (premiered at the Central Puppet Theatre, 2001).

Film music to:
At the End of the Summer, directed by D. Mundrov (1967);
Mister Nobody, directed by I. Terziev (1969);
Gerlovo Event, directed by G. Ostrovski (1971);
The Wind of Adventures, directed by L. Boyadjieva (1972);
“10 days unpaid”, directed by Y. Vazov (1972);
Men without a Job, directed by I. Terziev (1973);
Nona, directed by G. Ostrovski (1973);
Expectation, directed by B. Sharaliev (1973);
A Difficult Love, directed by Ivan Andonov (1974);
Ladies Choice, directed by I. Andonov (1980);
The Queen of Tarnovo, directed by Y. Yankov (1981);
White Magic, directed by I. Andonov (1982);
The Bronze Key, directed by I. Andonov (1983);
Dangerous Charm, directed by I. Andonov (1984);
The 13th Bride of the Prince, directed by I. Grabcheva (1987);
Time of Parting, directed by L. Staykov (1988);
Evenings at the Antim Han, directed by P. Pavlov (1988);
Me, the Countess, directed by P. Popzlatev (1989);
Under the Yoke, directed by Y. Yankov (TV 9-series movie, 1990);
The Carnival, directed by I. Grabcheva (1990);
Hallo, Grandma, directed by M. Evstatieva-Biolcheva (1991);
Waste, directed by K. Krumov (1991);
Tony, directed by D. Petrov (1991);
Something in the Air, directed by P. Popzlatev (1993).