Gueorgui Harizanov


30.07.1963Dobrich - Bulgaria

Gueorgui Harizanov studied jazz guitar under Alexander Petkov, who is an accomplished Bulgarian guitarist and composer. In 1992 he moved to Canada, where he earned a degree in Computer Assisted Sound Design (Musitechnic Services Educatifs, Montreal). The following years the musician was awarded a three year scholarship from the Canadian Government to do a BFA (Concordia University, Montreal) majoring in jazz studies and later on a two year fellowship from the University of Victoria to complete a master’s degree in composition. Among his teachers and mentors were the composers and theorists Dr. Daniel Peter Biro, Dr. Harald Krebs, Dr. John Celona, Dr. Rosemary Mountain, and Roddy Ellias.

As a guitarist Gueorgui Harizanov has worked and recorded with some of the finest Canadian jazz musicians such as Mike Pinsonneault, Dave Turner, Christopher Smith, Guy Thouan, and Aron Doyle. As a composer he has worked with some of the leading Canadian contemporary ensembles such as Ensemble Aventa, ECM (Ensemble Contemporain de Montreal), and String Quartet Bozzini as well as with internationally acclaimed or emerging soloists such as Lanny Pollet (flute), Minna Re Shin (piano), Mark McGregor (flute) and Jee Yeon Ryu (piano).

Over the years he has been balancing his musical involvement with teaching positions at the University of Victoria (2005-07) and different private schools (since 1985), teaching guitar, theory, and improvisation. Gueorgui Harizanov is also the author of the book Harmony Analysis and Improvisation Concepts (1998).



Nestinar (2007).

Chamber Music:

Nocturne (2007);
Nestinar’s Obsession (2006);
Lament (2006);
Empty Carrousel (2005);
Pictures of Home (2002);
Bulgarian Dance (2001).

Solo Instruments:

Rutchenitza (2007);
Impression I: Raindrops (2006);
Lament (2005);
A Jazz Suite for Classical Guitar (2005);
Esquisses (2002-04);
Five Short Meditations (2002-05)

Jazz and Fusion:

Mood Swings Jazz Suite (2002);
35 Short Jazz Pieces (2001);
10 Short Pieces Based On Compound Time Signatures (1989-1995)

Folksong and dance arrangements:

Rutchenitza (1987);
Mari Devoiko (1987);
Blatneshka Kopanitza (1988);
Starozagorska Rutchenitza (1989);
Kopanitza (1989);
Polegnala e Todora (2003);
Grozdanka (2006).