Dimitar Hinkov

composer, conductor

06.12.1920 – 01.01.2003Lomets – Bulgaria

Dimitar Hinkov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1943. He was Conductor and Director of the amateur art activities at the Bulgarian Armed Forces.

He composed mainly social, choral and solo songs, children’s songs; pieces for wind orchestra; instrumental pieces and music to documentaries.


Choral-orchestral works:

The Immortal Ones (1974).

Works for wind orchestra:

The Immortal Ones Symphonic Poem (1976);
March (1977);
The Unknown Soldier Overture (1981).

Choral music:

Eternal Friendship;
Native Coast (1973);
September the Ninth;
Soldier’s Roads;
The Cheerful Platoon (1974);
Ballad for Koprivshtitza (1975);
We, Military Musicians;
Song for Simeon of Bulgaria (1976);
Levski’s Legacy (1977);
Marshal’s Baton (1978);
Our Train;
Vaptzarov Followers (1979);
We Defend Bulgaria;
Glory to the Bulgarian Communist Party (1980);
Song for Georgi Dimitrov (1981);
Prelude (1992), etc.

For children’s choir:

Springtime Song, lyrics by Orlin Orlinov (1985);
Na pat I v polet (On Our Way And Flying), lyrics by P. Lalovski (1988);
Kukla s bukla (A Doll with a Curl), lyrics by Orlin Orlinov (1992).