Aleksandar Hristov

composer, conductor, pedagogue, public figure

27.06.1936 - 27.07.2023Brestovene, Bulgaria

Alexander Hristov is a graduate of the NMA “prof. Pancho Vladigerov”, Sofia.
At the beginning of his professional career, he was an artist orchestrator-violinist in the State Symphony Orchestra, Razgrad. Conductor of amateur choirs and orchestras, of a professional brass band.
From 1971 to 1998, he was the chief artistic director and conductor of the Kapan Ensemble – Razgrad, with which he performed more than 2,000 concerts at home and abroad, in more than 15 countries on the continents of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
He writes music mainly on a folkloric basis, including for folk choirs and ensembles, for an academic choir, music-dance productions, symphonic, chamber, and lately also orthodox music.
During the period 1970-1990, he was the author and co-author of six collections for folk choirs and ensembles.
In his last two author’s collections “Selected Songs from Ludogorieto” (2006) and “Ludogorska Impresia” – eight songs for an academic choir (2011) the most significant of his choral-song works are collected, including Lyrical Ballad, Last Night I saw a little girl, Standing mowing the meadows, Lem a feather, Zakichila Tota two colorful tulips, Grotesque, etc.
Alexander Hristov has recorded over 50 titles on Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgarian National Television and Radio Shumen. With “Balkanton” he has released two long-playing gramophone records, two audio cassettes, one CD, as well as a CD with the impresario house “Paradox” – Holland.


Works for different formations:

Symphonic suite “Folklore paintings from Razgradsko” (1999);
“Rhapsodic Sketches” for brass sextet (2000);
“Five Miniatures for String Orchestra” (2004);
“Ludogorie” rhapsodic fantasy for symphony orchestra (2012) etc.