Yordan Karaivanov

composer, conductor

27.09.1942Burgas – Bulgaria

Yordan Karaivanov graduated from the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov “, specialty trumpet and facultative conducting in 1968. In 1969 he became a finalist of the Fifth Common Bulgarian Competition for Singers and Instrumentalists and was awarded with Diploma for Artistic Achievement. Since 1969 he has been the conductor of the Bourgas Brass Band and at the same time the first soloist trumpeter of the Burgas Philharmonic Orchestra. From 1972 to 1979 he is a lecturer in chamber music at the Secondary Music School in Burgas. He studied composition at the conductor of the Burgas Philharmonic Orchestra, composer Todor Stoykov, a student of Prof. Pancho Vladigerov. In 1981 he graduated from the orchestral conducting course under Prof. Ivan Bakalov.

Yordan Karaivanov is the author of symphonic and chamber music. His Symphony No. 1 and Poem for String Orchestra are performed by the symphonic orchestra of the Burgas Philharmonic Orchestra. Other chamber and orchestra compositions have been performed. His participation in the leadership of the Association “Wind Orchestras” at the UBMD (Union of Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers) until 2009 is related to his public musical activity and as a member of the UBMD Managing Board. He is a winner of multiple awards. In 2002 he was awarded as “Honorary Citizen of Burgas”.


Works for symphony orchestra:
Symphony No. 1 (1978);
Concerto for violin and orchestra (1989);
Ballad for Piano and Orchestra (1995);
Overture “Sultry Days” (2001).

For string orchestra:
Poem (1979);
Pasakalia (2006);
Symphony No. 2 (2009).

Chamber Music:
Concert Scene for Violin and Piano (1967);
String Quartet (1970);
Concert Piece for Clarinet, Vibraphone and Piano (1981);
Trio Sonata for Oboe, Clarinet, and Fagot (1983);
Wind Quintet (1985);
Toccata for Piano (1986);
Three Preludes for Piano (1988);
Piano trio (1991);
Two Pantomimes for Clarinet and Percussions (2001);
Sonata for solo violin (2002);
Prelude and Fugue for Two Pianos (2011);
Prelude, Antiphon and Postlude for piano (2013);
Piano Induction, Prelude, and Piano (2013);
Variations for string quartet (2014);
Sonata for violin and viola (2015);
String Quartet №2 (2017).

Vocal music:
Three songs for soprano and piano to poems by D. Debelianov;
Five songs for soprano and piano by poems by Stoicho Gotsev (1986).

Choral songs:
Two impressions for female chamber choir by poems by Rossen Vassilev (2000);
“On the Moon Shine” for mixed choir by poetry by D. Debelyanov;
“Jubilee” – march for mixed choir by poems by Mihail Tsenov (2008).

For wind orchestra:
Rapsodic Prelude (1984);
Three marches.