Blagovesta Konstantinova

composer, pianist, pedagogue

08.06.1951Gorna Oriahovitsa – Bulgaria

She graduated from Bulgarian State Conservatory (National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”) where studied piano with Prof. Lyuba Encheva (1974) and master class with Prof. Lilly Atanassova (1977). She worked at the NAM “Pancho Vladigerov” as accompanist from 1975, a lecturer of chamber singing (1987), Associate Professor (2001), Professor of chamber singing (2009). She performs actively as a soloist and chamber musician in Bulgaria and abroad. Her repertoire includes works for solo piano, piano and orchestra, vocal and instrumental chamber music and is a first performer of over 200 new Bulgarian works. Numerous live and studio recordings in Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgarian National Television, Radio Belgrade, Hanoi National Television, issued records and CDs. Regularly participate as a performer in New Bulgarian Music Festival, Varna Summer International Festival, Schleswig Holstein – Germany, Festival of Slavic Culture – Paris. An author of the book “Songs for voice and piano by W.A.Mozart”, studies and articles on music art. She is also participates as a pianist in international summer music academies on song interpretation in Germany, manages master class on chamber singing in Hanoi National Conservatory (2007). Many of her students are winners of national and international competitions.
Major awards:
“Golden Muse” for outstanding artistic achievement (2004);
“Golden Lyre” of UBMD for high artistic achievements in piano art (2011);
Laureate of the VIIth International Competition for Pianists – Belgrade (1977);
Award for best accompaniment at the International Competition for Young Opera Singers “Boris Hristov” (2004);
Diploma of the International Festival of Slavic Culture in Paris (2004);
Winner of the First Composition Competition “Boris Hristov” (2009);
Honorary Diploma in composition of the XIX-th International Competition “Music and Earth” (2011);
Laureate of the VI-th International Composition Competition “Ivan Spassov” (2013);
Honorary Diplomas from RCIC for excellence in the development of Bulgarian-Russian cultural relations and promoting Russian music in Bulgaria (the last one was in 2011).
She have been included in different publications “Who is who”, “Notable bugarian women”, “Notable Bulgarian”. She is realized many stylistic concerts devoted with works of J. S. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Wagner, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, P. Vladigerov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Gershwin, etc.
She is the author of more than 100 songs, vocal cycles, instrumental pieces, suites, duos, trios, opera “The Peach Thief.” Her works have been performed in Bulgaria, as well as abroad. Her songs are performed by young singers in national and international competitions. Her works have been recorded in Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgarian National Television, Hanoi National Television.


Stage music:
“The Peach Thief” – opera in two acts for soloists, male choir and symphony orchestra. Libretto Tsonka Velikova upon the novella by Emilian Stanev (2009-2010).

Chamber Music:
Vocal music:
33 vocal cycles for voice and piano, among which:
Call, lyrics K. Konstantinova; (2003)
Four Songs about Love, lyrics Velikova (2004);
Search me, lyrics K. Konstantinova (2006);
Flamenco, lyrics Spanish poets (2005);
Confessions, lyrics Maria Dobreva (2006);
Morning, lyrics. D. Debelyanov (2006);
Trace, lyrics. N. Liliev (2007);
Watercolours, lyrics. Dr. Shopov (2007);
Farewell, lyrics N.Y.Vaptzarov (2008);
The fire, lyrics А. Machado (2008);
Wings, lyrics Blagovesta Angelova (2009);
Nirvana, lyrics P.K.Yavorov (2010);
Birds, lyrics. Al. Rudenko (2011);
Steps along the Pier, lyrics Dr. Shopov (2011);
Three songs, lirics Christo Vatev (2012);
Let love comes, lyrics E. Evtimov (2012);
Three songs, lyrics Pavel Matev (2013), etc.
Diptych “Gypsy Music”, lyrics Maria Delle Grazie (2013);
Triptych for high voice and piano, lyrics Blagovesta Angelova (2013);
“Do you remember”, lyrics Dimcho Debelyanov (2015);
“I Love You”, Own Verses (2017);
“You came”, lyrics Kalina Bogoeva (2017);
“Shout”, lyrics Kinka Konstantinova (2017) and others.

Numerous solo songs, choral songs, “Children’s World” – 5 songs for children’s choir, lyrics Kinka Konstantinova.

For voice and chamber instrumental ensembles:
Diptych Contrasts for soprano, flute, piano and bells, lyrics Tsonka Velikova (2005);
Largo for cello, voice, organ and kettle-drums (2005);
Cantata for love for soprano, flute and piano by R. Tagore (2011).
The Great Beyond, lyrics Rabindranath Tagore, for baritone, flute, cello and piano (2012);
“Messenger”, lyrics Elena Alekova, for high voice, violin and piano (2014);
“Two beautiful eyes” lyrics Yavorov, for voice and string quartet (2016) etc.

Instrumental music:
Suite for piano Distant Snow Peaks (2006);
“In Baroque Style” for flute and piano (2007);
Two piano trios for violin, cello and piano (2007, 2011)
Suite for violin and piano Katunari (2007);
Tales of Ellie Children’s Piano Suite (2014);
Suite for clarinet and string quartet from the opera The Peach Thief (2015);
“In Folk Spirit” for tuba and piano (2016);
“Paintings” suite for two pianos (2016);
Pieces for violin and piano, flute and piano, cello and piano, for two pianos, etc.

Works for string orchestra:
Nocturne (2014);
Prelude and Fugue (2014);
Sad Waltz for flute and string orchestra (2016);
Variations in LA for flute and string orchestra (2016).