Magdalena Manolova


Dr. Magdalena Manolova is a musicologist, journalist, author of books, long-time editor, author and producer at Bulgarian National Television, creator of more than 100 films and shows in the “Golden Fund” of BNT for classical music, presenter of shows that she presents in over 30 countries worldwide.
She graduated in musicology and film studies in the Czech Republic, where he defended his doctorate in musicology. Specializes in Great Britain. She combines scientific interests with popularizing classical music on television, works as a critic and journalist. She focuses its attention on the topic of the contribution of the Bulgarian vocal and performing arts in the history of the world opera theater. As a musicologist, she participates in international seminars and meetings, and as a film author – in televised international festivals and competitions.
Manolova is the author of the articles on Bulgarian composers and female composers, on musical cities in Bulgaria in the prestigious English Royal Encyclopedia “THE NEW GROVE’S DICTIONARY OF MUSIC AND MUSICIANS” is the winner of Bulgarian and international awards.
Manolova was nominated by the International Biographical Center – Cambridge, Great Britain, she was included in “Who’s Who” at the 17th edition of the INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHICAL CENTER CAMBRIDGE, 1999.
For achievements in music criticism, for exceptional productivity and creativity, Manolova was awarded the “CRYSTAL LYRA” of the SBMTD in 2006, the award of the UBC “Golden Quintet 2005” for musicological creativity of the UBC, 2004.
Manolova is the chairman of the Association “Museum of Bulgarian Musical Culture” with honorary chairman Gena Dimitrova.



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