Sasho Mladenov

composer, arranger, performer, studio multi-instrumentalist

10.10.1950Stara Zagora – Bulgaria

Sasho Mladenov graduated in 1974 from the Mining and Geology Institute in Sofia majoring in Mine Electronics. Since school age he has been member of amateur groups and professional orchestras. He began composing songs in the early 1970s (I’m Still Looking for You). In 1974 he made his first pop song recordings at the Bulgarian National Radio. He was the founder of the Pop Music Ensemble at the Ministry of Transport and was its chief artistic director (1983-85). He also founded the voc.trioTrick (together with Shirokov), the rock bands Turbo, Traffic and the vocal group Highways. From 1991 to 1994 he was representative of PAN Agency (Denmark) for Bulgaria and in 1994-1995 he worked as music director of the Salza I Smiah Theatre. Since 1995 he has been a freelance composer. Since 2004 he is the sound director of the National Thetre, Sofia.

He collaborated with the most outstanding Bulgarian pop singers such as Yordanka Hristova, Stefka Onikyan, Rositza Ganeva, Mihail Yonchev, Neli Rangelova, Panayot Panayotov, Rositza Kirilova, etc. Most of them were included in his album Albumat trepach (The Super Album) (1998). He composed over 200 songs for the Bulgarian National Radio, the Bulgarian National Television and the recording company Balkanton; he made over 500 arrangements.

He also wrote many musical plays, a lot of theatrical music, music to TV films, etc. For a few years S.Mladenow works exclusively in the field of the symphonic music building – very succesfuly!- bridges between her and the pop-rock music never using, meanwhile,the basic pop-rock instruments. His symphonic work The Plague Kills Off won the third prize at the third edition of the national composition competition Ballet Music in 7/8 Time Beat. He writes a chamber music too and some orchestras in England and USA play his works.Since 2005 the London orchestra (double wind quintet) Kaleidoscope Wind performs the world premieres of his compositions made especialy for this orchestra.
In 2016, Sasho Mladenov won the third prize in the 16th International Competition for writing a symphonic piece in time signature 7/8 with his composition “BG Suite No. 5”.


Stage music:
Mini opera “Love Triangle Which Never Was Hold” for soprano, tenor, baritone and symphony orchestra (2010)

Musical plays:

“Hey, My Contemporary” after poems by Georgi Konstantinov (1978);
“The Importance of Being Earnest” based on the play by Oscar Wilde, Mandragora (Salza I Smiah Theatre, 1992-95);
“The Painted Mafia” and “Visas, Gentlemen”, ST Pernik (1993-94);
“Cinderella Super Star”( Salza i smiah, 1995), filmed by the Bulgarian National Television (1996);
“Be Careful When You Grow Up” (1999);
“The Cross or The Price of the Compromise”, mono-musical performed in the Mister Punch Club in Sofia (1999);
“Pipi, Don’t Go Away” and “Carlson Who Lives on the Roof”, “Barbie” – the doll-children’s musicals (Vazrajdane Municipal Theatre, from 2001 to 2010);
“The bad Bear” (SPT Sliven, 2006);
“The third bulgarian Kingdom and a half” (MDT Tarnovo, 2007);
“A Minister without a Head” (2010).

Works for symphony orchestra:
The Plague Kills Off (2003);
BG Suite No1 (2004); BG Suite No:2 (2005); BG Suite No:3 (2007);
The Eavesdropper-symph.picture (2006);
Variations under theme of Dobri Hristov (2007);
Concertino for clarinet and symphony orchestra (2011);
Bulgarian Suite No. 4 for clarinet, piano and symphony orchestra (2012).
“Rhapsody in Green” (2013);
“The Life of a Bulgarian” – a symphonic poem.

Chamber Music:
The night before Christmas;
An easy piece for winds;
A time of my life;
Fragments of BG Suite No3 for double wind quintet;
Pater Noster for bariton and string orchestra;
Triptich for string quartet;
Diptych for string orchestra (2009);
Concertino for oboe and string orchestra (2011).

Theatre music:
Music to the plays:
Introduction to their picture;
Mr. Ibrahim and the flowers of the Khoran;
The inaccessible lady;

Rock Poem;
“Oświęcim Hotel”, text G. Konstantinov (1985);

Rock suite;
Cosmos (1985).

Recordings of Sasho Mladenov’s works can be listened HERE.