Vesselin Nenov

composer, conductor

18.10.1923 - 08.09.2022Varna - Bulgaria

Vesselin Nenov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1953 majoring in Composition under Professor VesselinВ Stoyanov and Conducting under Professor Assen Dimitrov. He worked as a conductor in Dobrich (1953-59) and Pernik (1960-63).

From 1963 to 1987 he conducted the Opera in Stara Zagora.

He wrote a ballet; vocal-instrumental, symphony and chamber music; choral and solo songs; theatre music; he arranged over 50 folksongs for Radio Stara Zagora.


Stage music:
Ballet: The Tomb of Kazanlak (2003).

Choral-orchestral works:
Song to Stara Zagora for mixed choir and symphony orchestra, lyrics by Ivan Gruev.

For voice and symphony orchestra:
Songs for soprano and orchestra:

Farewell after Elisaveta Bagriana;
Lullaby, lyrics by Todor Belchev;
About Love, lyrics by Evtim Evtimov (1989).

Songs for baritone and orchestra:

Fidelity, lyrics by Alexander Gerov;
Tzeliyat sam ustremen kam teb (My Craving to Be with You), lyrics by Evtim Evtimov;
Triptych about the Unrequited Love, lyrics by Evtim Evtimov and Alexander Gerov (1992).

Works for symphony orchestra:
Symphonies: N1 (1953); N2 (1960) and Poem (1948).

Suite from the music to the play At the Foot of Vitosha by Peyo Yavorov.

Works for string orchestra:
Prayer based on two Thracian songs in memory of the Thracian people killed in the Insurrection of Ilinden.

Invention (1979).

Chamber Music:
For piano:
Variations; Two little pieces – Prelude and Miniature (1948);
Four studies on one theme (1950);
Scherzo (1951);
On the Path, a small prelude (1969);
Paydushko horo (Editor’s note: The horo is a Bulgarian traditional dance featuring a variety of time beats depending on the region it comes from.) (1947);

Choral music:
For mixed choir and piano:

March of the Miner, lyrics by Karik (1957);
Song to Galabovo, lyrics by Ivan Gruev (1989).

For female voices a cappella choir:

Are You Alive, Children from Yastrebino, lyrics by Anrey Germanov (1976).

For female voices choir and piano:

Christmas Suite (1998).

For traditional music female voices choir:

Three Cheerful and Heroic Macedonian Songs (Defeated Ago, Choban Dimo and Razigralo sey cherno more (Stormy Black Sea).