Rositza Petkova


18.02.1947Plovdiv – Bulgaria

Rositza Petkova is daughter of Dimitar Petkov. She graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1981 majoring in Composition under Professor Alexander Raychev and Professor Dimitar Tapkoff. From 1981 to 1991 she worked as editor-in-chief at the Pop Music Library at the Centre for Amateur Art Activity. Since 1991 she has worked as a freelance composer and teacher of Engish.

She is author of choral, solo and children’s songs; chamber works; folksong arrangements, etc. She was prizewinner at national competitions.


Choral-orchestral works:
Conversion in Pliska Cantata for bass, reader, choir and orchestra (1977).

Works for symphony orchestra:
Scherzo for flute, piano and symphony orchestra (1974);

Concertino for clarinet and symphony orchestra (1981).

Works for voice and string orchestra:
Two Songs (Cherries and Still Life), lyrics by Dimitar Metodiev (1980).

Chamber Music:
Sonata for flute and piano (1976).

For piano: Pieces; Variations; Studies (1976-79).

Blessed Be Our Labour, lyrics by Damian Damianov.

Children’s songs:
Riddles; Balloons, lyrics by Leda Mileva (1988);
Laughter Is Our Friend, lyrics by Asen Bosev;
Two Pastimes and others.